NFL: Green Bay beats Baltimore, Brady dries up with New Orleans

Day 15: Detroit surprises in Arizona, the comeback of Pittsburgh Tennessee. For the first time in 15 years and 255 games, the quarterback zeroed in with his attack.

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Green Bay beats Baltimore in the photo finish and suffocates it in the prospect of the playoffs, Detroit surprises by dominating Arizona, Pittsburgh continues to cling to the season by recovering Tennessee. Above all, historical fool of Tom Brady and the Bucs, current champions on Sunday Night: the best attack in the league loses at home without scoring an iota, against historical rivals, the New Orleans Saints, although in a reduced version. . These are the headlines from the NFL’s 15th Sunday, electrifying.

Baltimore-Green Bay 30-31

It had to be the same game, against teams at the head of their respective Divisions, it did not betray expectations. Although the Ravens (8-6) were left without Jackson, the starting quarterback, and with the secondary decimated. With 42” on the clock they attempted the 2-point touchdown conversion to win: incomplete on the Huntley-Andrews axis. To the relief of the Packers (11-3) who mathematically conquered the NFC North and with it the playoffs. They had come back from above 31-17 despite a spectacular Rodgers, capable of shooting for 3 tries, by Adams, Jones and Valdes Scantling hooking Favre: for both 442 touchdowns, now a shared franchise record. The defense, however, was sliced ​​by Huntley who threw for 2 attempts and rushed for as many, and Andrews: 136 trick yards. Coach Harbaugh dared, it turned out to be a boomerang. The Ravens, overtaken by Cincy in the AFC North, would be out of the playoffs today.

Tampa Bay-New Orleans 0-9

Period fool for Tampa and Brady. The quarterback after 255 games, which had not happened to him since 2006 against Miami, is still dry with his attack, the best so far in the NFL for points and touchdowns scored. Disintegrated by the defense of the Saints (7-7) who beat their divisional rivals for the seventh time in a row in the regular league and relaunch themselves in the playoffs. The guest pass dominates, especially thanks to Jordan, who forces a fumble to Brady, intercepted by Gardner-Johnson. There’s more: Tampa (10-4) loses all three of Brady’s top targets to injury: Godwin, Evans and Fournette. Game that can cost him the season in terms of playoff seed. The faults of a mediocre coaching staff, as soon as key players died, they emerged ferocious. The Saints have won practically without attack, without both starting tackles and without coach Payton, stopped by Covid and replaced by Allen, his first assistant. Inconceivable.

Pittsburgh-Tennessee 19-13

The pride of the Steelers (7-6-1) is monumental. Double on comeback, 3-13 at halftime, the Titans (9-5) forcing 4 turnovers, keeping them scoreless in the second half. Roethlisberger’s leftovers manage to turn a sneak into a goal and in the final, with 44” to play, a perfect tackle by Haden denies the guests the conversion of a 4th down. Schobert’s interception and fumble recoveries by Fitzpatrick, Watt and Haden are featured. The Titans run with Foreman, but get stuck on the best: In the AFC South, they have to watch their backs from Indy.

Detroit-Arizona 30-12

Et voila, the surprise is served. The mediocre Lions (2-11-1) dismantle the Cardinals (10-4) without technical logic. They put their soul into it, Goff unleashes a performance as a former absolute first in the Draft, Murray puts in like on his worst days, frantic and imprecise. 17-0 at halftime, there is never a game. Without the injured Hopkins, Arizona seems lost on offense and is therefore overtaken by Dallas in the conference pecking order. And with a complicated schedule…

Other games

Dallas wins at home Giants 21-6: better defense of the attack, Buffalo overwhelms Carolina 31-14 in the distance, Miami wins for the sixth time in a row beating New York Jets 31-24. Houston overwhelms Jacksonville 30-16, whose problem was not (only) exonerated coach Meyer, San Francisco extends 31-13 against Atlanta using the usual recipe: defense and pass rush. Cincinnati beats Denver 15-10: Bengals mature, Broncos lose Bridgewater, thrown on a stretcher.

playoff scenarios

With four games to play to close out Round 15, here are the current playoff qualifiers. AFC: 1) Kansas City (10-4), 2) New England (9-5) 3) Tennessee (9-5) 4) Cincinnati (8-6) 5) Indianapolis (8-6) 6) LA Chargers ( 8-6) 7) Buffalo (8-6). NFC: 1) Green Bay* (11-3) 2) Dallas (10-4) 3) Tampa (10-4) 4) Arizona (10-4) 5) LA Rams (9-4) 6) San Francisco ( 8-6) 7) New Orleans (7-7).

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