NFL, players and owners agreement signed: here’s what changes immediately and in 2021

Balls of all sizes and shapes now, at a professional level, are parked with respect and rigor in all latitudes. Obviously also those of the NFL who, despite being inactive both due to prudence and due to the offseason, today witnessed the most important touchdown of the coming seasons.

With difficulty and controversy, the players’ union voted early in the Italian afternoon on Sunday new agreement with the owners: so there will be no strike, holdout or delays of the next seasons. It was an important agreement, but painful and difficult. The Players Association (NFLPA) has ratified the agreement with 51.5% yes Y 48.5% of the votes againstin detail 1019 against 959 of the almost 2500 players eligible for the vote.

In recent weeks, many champions, including richard sherman, JJ Watt, Russell Y Aaron Rogers they were openly defend the no and they had made a public and behind-the-scenes campaign for the partners of all the teams to refuse, but they lost this match. Once again one would think tom brady won among the most prominent of those who had supported the positive vote. A contract proposal and signing obviously very much related to money, even if the spirit of many opponents was more driven by the health of the players.

On the left Brady (the yes party), on the right Rodgers (the no party)

1 game more and more money for players

The main points of this new agreement that will expire in 2030, however, are all linked to those greenbacks with the faces of the presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, Ulysses Grant, Andrew Jackson and Benjamin Franklin) drawn. on. Owners will make a hefty profit from the bonus game to be added to schedule and players have essentially swapped it with “you want us to take more risks in an already tough and physically dangerous season than pay.” The new agreement, a 456-page contract prepared by the two parties’ lawyers in Washington and drafted on March 5, provides for the addition of the 17th game of the regular season. from the 2021 season, but a lot of change points for the NFLPA. First for players, the percentage of total revenue will increase from 47 to 48.5% that they will share with the League, then the list of “active” players will go up on game day 46 to 48 players (of which one more must necessarily be an offensive lineman), the Practice Squad (a kind of reserve formation that you can fall back on) will increase from 10 to 12 players this summer and 14 from 2022), so when there is the 17th game on the calendar, the teams will be limited in the training field to only 16 “padded” training sessions (full uniform, contacts and match rhythm) and never more than 3 consecutive (today there are 28).

Franchise label and transition label

Another immediate effect for the benefit of the players, in this case the strongest, that immediately the teams will be able to use only one and not 2 of the “franchise label and transition label“That is the possibility of keep players already tied to the roster for only one year However, at a higher figure than their last contract, which prevents them from testing the free-agent market and thus landing a richer multiyear deal elsewhere. It’s true that in the recent past, players like Kirk Cousins ​​in Washington have gotten rich off back-to-back “franchise tag” contracts, but in general, the opportunity of free agency for top players to sign million-dollar contracts guaranteed avoiding the risk of injury in the col Tag season is too greedy to compare it to a single forced season, even if it is well paid.

Kirk Cousins ​​​​in the days of the Redskins
Kirk Cousins ​​in Redskins days – © Getty

Most free agents on the market

To give a concrete example now I dallas cowboys they will have to choose one of the receiver amari cooper and the quarterback Dak Prescott who to give the Tag franchise to and who to risk losing out on in the market because with the salary cap they probably won’t be able to match some other team’s offer.

Amari Cooper (left) and Dak Prescott (right), Cowboys stars
Cowboys stars Amari Cooper (left) and Dak Prescott (right) – © Getty

Salary cap which, moreover, with immediate effect should grow by $10 million per team compared to last season. The next season, however, will initially have the same structure because there will be 4 games of preseason (later down to 3) and a regular season schedule of 16. The first obvious novelty will come with the playoffs where will they become 14 and not only 12 since until the season just ended the teams qualified for the postseason with one more team for the Conference. 2 more games will be played on Wild Card weekend because only the number 1 seed from each Conference will have the bye (today there are two) and the second will play the wild card with the number 7 seed. Having all the dates already set with the number of games more will allow tomorrow in the Lega , then into the properties to begin negotiations to renew the multibillion-dollar TV contracts that expire in 2022.

Today, therefore, at a time when there is much more worrying, it is news that at least allows us to think about the future as well. For once everyone won. The franchises, the league and the players who have also known how to protect the interests of the most prestigious as well as those who are not coverage men and fight for a contract because there will be more available to them. Owners and players met at the dollar table, fans from all over the world to look to the future with optimism. What we all need so much comes from the NFL fund.

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