NFL results: Green Bay falls to Kansas City, Cowboys overwhelmed by Denver

Day 9 of surprise results: New Orleans beat Atlanta at home, Giants beat Las Vegas

Ninth NFL Sunday with crazy results, it’s hard to imagine crazier. Denver overwhelms Dallas in Texas, Jacksonville surprisingly surprises Buffalo, New Orleans surrenders in Louisiana to Atlanta and Las Vegas loses to the New York Giants. Without Rodgers, positive for Covid, Green Bay falls in Kansas City: Love, the kid he replaced, debuts as a starter. Monday night is Pittsburgh-Chicago.

Dallas-Denver 16-30

Incredible beating for the Cowboys (6-2), the first force in the NFC East. They finished down 30-0 at Arlington, the day they bring back Prescott, the starting quarterback. The defense is overwhelmed by the runs of Williams and Gordon, Patrick is at ease as Bridgewater’s main target, luck turns its back on the Texans in a punt blocked by the Broncos (5-4) who recover the oval anyway . Denver had sent Von Miller, the quarterback chaser with a reserved spot in franchise history, to Los Angeles, to the Rams earlier this week. It seemed to mean throwing in the towel, considering the season now compromised, but instead…

Jacksonville-Buffalo 9-6

Amazing. The Bills (5-3), the first force in the AFC East, stumble in Florida without scoring a try against the Jaguars (2-6) who had not yet won on US soil this season, getting the only win in London. Josh Allen, Coach Meyer’s linebacker, who can breathe after so much pressure, had put his job on the line, becomes the bane of namesake Josh Allen, Buffalo’s much more famous quarterback. He intercepts it, retrieves his fumble, knocks it down with a sack. The vaunted attack of the guests, who still lack a reliable running game, is completely deactivated.

Kansas City-Green Bay 13-7

Jordan Love, the Packers’ controversial 2020 Draft choice as Rodgers’ future successor, fails, both as a starter and as his replacement, with last season’s MVP stopped by Covid. The offense is scoring just 7 points, and to say the running game works, and the defense is keeping the Packers (7-2) in the game despite their stutter. Kansas City (5-4) is confirmed uncertain and convoluted, the attack is unrecognizable, but Mahomes only needs a couple of super games, first the touchdown throw to Kelce, then the 13-yarder to Hill in the final, to win it. . . He loves with a 4th quarter try to Lazard and an interception to Snead. The prospect is still immature, plus he pays two missed kicks (one blocked) by Crosby.

the other parties

The Ohio derby was supposed to be the game, but Beckham-less Cleveland, unloaded, dismantles Cincinnati 41-16: Chubb overflows, Ward takes a Burrow pick 6 from 99 yards. Baltimore into Minnesota’s extra fold 34-31: Ravens continue to win boldly, Vikings lose on the sprint, the usually relentless Tucker’s football from 36 yards decides. Las Vegas draws home to the Giants trailing 16-23, Carr with 3 turnovers, McKinney with 2 interceptions, a 6 pick. The Raiders will sign DeSean Jackson to replace Ruggs. After the feat with the Bucs, New Orleans returns to Earth: with Siemian as owner, it loses at home with Atlanta 25-27: Koo’s kick from 29 yards to the end is decisive. Arizona, even without Murray, Hopkins and Green, wins 31-17 in Santa Clara over San Francisco: McCoy is amazing. The Los Angeles Chargers climb to the top of the AFC West by passing Philadelphia 27-24 on Hopkins’ kick from 29 yards in extremis. New England starts fueling up: defensive runs, 24-6 wins over Carolina, which has found McCaffrey. Miami beats Houston 17-9 in a match that no one deserved, but someone had to win. On Sunday Night Tennessee prevails in Los Angeles, by the Rams, matching them 28-16 in a 7-2 record: the immortal Adrian Peterson, chosen by the Titans as a replacement for the injured Derrick Henry, finds the field and immediately the end zone .

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