NFL, Rodgers stays with the Packers: 200 million deal. He is the highest paid in history.

Fights aside, the 38-year-old quarterback earns $200 million. With him Green Bay dreams of playing the Super Bowl again…

Aaron Rodgers remains with the Packers. The 38-year-old quarterback, named the NFL’s best player of the past two seasons, will sign a $200 million, four-year deal that will tie him to Green Bay for the rest of his career. In short, despite the fights, the tantrums and the teasing, Rodgers and the Packers finally swear eternal love, “forever.” As in fairy tales, the happy ending arrives.

covered in gold

$153 million is guaranteed, so that’s a YES on the pecuniary, but it’s not like the California quarterback would have been paid in peanuts elsewhere. He considered retiring and especially the alternative to the Denver Broncos, who in the meantime had hired former Packers offensive coordinator Nat Hackett as head coach, but ultimately opted to hang on until the end of his first love. Unlike Brady, Peyton Manning and Montana, therefore, one of the best in the history of role-playing and gaming decides to remain faithful. Despite the fierce confrontation with Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst, he was by no means a fairy tale. All true. The relationship was broken, not just cracked, with the choice (later hidden from Rodgers) by franchise management to call up the (supposed) quarterback of the future, Jordan Love, in the first round of the 2020 draft. Aaron he had taken it badly at the time. Inevitably. Setting fire and flames and imagining a future far from the freezing cold of Wisconsin. But meanwhile the parties, the advisers to the early litigants, were working behind the scenes to fill the gap, to make common sense triumph. Mission accomplished. Although Rodgers takes his time, at least in numbers.

Common interest

Because the Packers are competitive, what Rodgers needs to try to win a second Lombardy Trophy, after the one in 2011, before saying goodbye to played football. And the 200 million make him the highest paid player in the history of the game. In short, the Packers have been able to flatter him. This time they didn’t hesitate, after the last two fabulous years of his aging phenomenon. They gave him carte blanche. He got paid and stayed home. And in any case, he helped the franchise to help him, in the sense that his weight in the cap space will continue to drop technically for next season and that will allow the Packers to renew the agreement with Davante Adams, the main target of Rodgers. , one of the best receivers in the league, who will return for (at least) one more year to Green Bay thanks to the tag for 2022.


The Packers have won 39 games in the last 3 seasons, 13 at a time, but have never made it to the Super Bowl. In the last few playoffs they were doubled at San Francisco’s home in a daring way, under a snowfall that changed the values ​​on the field and due to unfortunate mistakes by special teams. With Rodgers confirmed, many veterans will be ready to write off the Packers to try to win the title together. Among other things, the NFC, after losing retired Tom Brady, has Rodgers in the Sun King at quarterback, while the best young players, Mahomes, Burrow, Allen and Herbert, are all focused on the other Conference, the AFC. This may have weighed on Rodgers’ projects. But the romantic version is more suggestive as a reading key. Rodgers and the Packers have decided: They will never part. For all the teams ready to court Aaron, the biggest disappointment, for Packers fans, is already Christmas in March.

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