NHL, even the market pushes Florida and Tampa Bay. Programming on Sky l Sky Sport

They were already the most talented teams this NHL season now florida derby became even more intriguing thanks to the market which improved two teams to the title. The impact of the new ones was immediate. The Panthers debuted Claude Giroux against Montreal and the veteran ex-Flyers immediately provided two assists. His presence on a team that already has offensive leaders like Barkov and Huberdeau It is an opportunity multiplier. But don’t underestimate what an experienced full-back will bring. Ben Chiarot. His task will be above all to block shots and spread loads but he can also guarantee some assists from the blue as seen against the Canadiens, his former team. With whom he had reached the final last year and with whom he was plunged into mediocrity this season.

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NHL, that’s what made a title shot

Even the current champions of tampa bay now he can count on players to round out an already formidable roster. They also make up the special teams, that is, the units that play situations of numerical superiority and inferiority, a key moment in any ice hockey game. nick paul He is above all a solid player but the goal is not unknown, this week he already found it in his debut against Carolina. Adding players is insurance for the end of the season and the playoffs, but adding Brandon Hagel like Lightning did it means scoring a lot of goals. He is a goalscorer, if they serve him in front of goal he becomes deadly. See the last game against Boston.

The curious story of Dadonov

The most curious story of the last market is that of Russian Dadonov, sold by Vegas Golden Nights in Anaheimbut he came back because he had one clause that banned sales. Embarrassing. Although not for him. He returned to Las Vegas with a goal and two assists in the first game in his “old” jersey against Nashville. Maybe the real problem was being able to keep it, as Vegas has to fight its way through the playoffs and Dadonov is probably the fittest player on the team in recent weeks. His fans greeted him with a thunderous applause. Obviously they hadn’t understood the exchange either…and without having gone to read the clauses.

The NHL live on Sky Sports

The next date with NHL hockey on Sky Sports will be Sunday March 27 in 20 hours live on channel 251to see only the tampa bay lightning against New York Islanders that I am in a good moment. For the Islanders the playoffs are far away, the Lightning must continue adding points to maintain, or improve, the position in the Eastern Conference standings for the playoffs. Where there could also be a derby with Florida. The impact of the players incorporated thanks to the transfer market will be measured above all at the moments that decide the season.

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