NHL hockey, Ovechkin: goal record reached at the wrong time

Ovechkin reaches 766 goals in the NHL with a brace against Calgary and in the all-time ranking he reaches third place with Jaromir Jagr, a great champion who at 50 still plays in the Czech Republic. The Russian could now join legends Gordie Howe (801 goals) and Wayne Gretzky (894 goals). But these days we talk about Ovechkin above all because of his closeness to Putin, whom he supported, among other things, by promoting the so-called Putin Team with other sports champions of his nation.

the record of Alexander Ovechkin36-year-old star of the Washington Capitals and number one in Russian hockey, the country’s most popular sport. putinIt doesn’t come at the most favorable time. Ovechkin reaches 766 goals in the NHL with a key against Calgary and in the ranking of all time reaches the third place Jaromir Jagregrand champion of the Czech Republic that at 50 years old he is still playing at home in his own Kladno which he also owns. it had been the same jagr to anticipate and greet the company of Ovechkinannouncing that he thinks the Russian could now join sports legends Gordie Howe (801 goals) and Wayne Gretzky (894 goals). On the other hand, last year Ovechkin had extended his contract with the Capitals for 5 seasons, to play more than 40 years and have the opportunity to do the feat that everyone believed impossible: overcome GretzkyThe Great, the strongest of all time.

Alexander Ovechkin cheers with his Washington Capitals teammates – © Getty

The differences between Ovechkin and Jagr

If we talk about hockey, Ovechkin Y jagr They admire and respect each other. Otherwise, they couldn’t be further away. Russian is remembered these days his proximity to Putinwhich he supported, for example, promoting the call Putin Team with other sports champions of his country. After the start of the ongoing war, he claimed to be generically for peace, and he seemed obviously embarrassed at the press conference where reporters questioned him about the matter. There are no words for Ukraine. Instead, Jagr worked to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. coming to the Czech Republic and the NHL has also decided to financially support his initiative. His shirt number is 68, to forever remember the year of the Russian invasion of his country and the Prague Spring. Jagr hadn’t even been born, he and his family never forgot anyway.. Ovechkin will continue to score a lot of goals. He will make hockey history. But it is what he will say or do off the ice that will inevitably have the most relevance at this point.

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Russia and the NHL

the conflict

Ukraine: “Sanctions against Tymoshchuk if he stays at Zenit”

In the NHL they play 40 players who come from Russia and will continue to do so regularly. The League condemned the invasion of Ukraine, interrupted economic relations and the broadcasting of matches in Russia and all relations with the KHL, the league where the main Russian teams play. Which raises a lot of questions about the upcoming draft, for example, where North American teams typically pick multiple Russian hockey players. The NHL, which is a private association, does not want to deny its teams the use of players who undoubtedly have a great impact and are very competitive. He invited to consider the difficult situation that Russian players and their families are experiencing. There are no hostile attitudes so far, although Ovechkin himself was somewhat challenged by rival fans in Calgary, the night of the 766th goal.

The NHL on Sky Sports

One game every weekend on Sky Sports. Saturday, March 12 at 9:00 p.m. Carolina-Philadelphia on Sky Sport Action. Speaking of Russians, Andrei Svechnikov (Hurricanes) and Ivan Prororov (Flyers) will also be on the field.

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