Nhl: Las Vegas-Los Angeles, a challenge that is worth the playoffs

Tonight at 9pm on Sky Sport Action a great showdown between two teams that can build a new rivalry and have represented a new frontier for American hockey. In order to win as soon as possible

Las Vegas vs. Los Angeles can become a classic. In itself it is already news, since the pro-American leagues have recently landed in the “City of Sin”, but the “City of Sin” promises to also become the “City of Sports”, since after the NHL and the NFL also basketball and baseball is interested in taking over Nevada and Clark County. Meanwhile, there is a big challenge and we play ice hockey. Golden Knights and Kings they are within the same division, the Pacific. They are in direct battle for the playoffs. Vegas has entered with force in a historic battle that sees fierce rivalries especially between the Kings, San José Sharks and Anaheim Ducks.. The team was born only in 2017, the success was immediate. A masterpiece of building an expansion team. Who immediately reached the finals in the first year, played the Stanley Cup (lost to Washington) and has never missed the playoffs so far in his young history. The Golden Knights are above all a bargain: a building that is always full, enthusiastic fans, an irresistible attraction even in a city that, if we talk about distractions and entertainment, has an offer capacity without equal on the planet.

Las Vegas is the Los Angeles of the 80s

Las Vegas has become the new frontier where to bring ice hockey and conquer new spaces, even in the desert (on the other hand, the NHL had already reached Dallas and Phoenix…). In the late 1980s, even the Los Angeles Kings it represented a new frontier for hockey. To settle it definitively in California, they called Wayne Gretzky, the great, the strongest player of all time and also the greatest “man-image of his sport” of all time. Mission accomplished. The Kings have been victorious, failed to complete the job in 1993 when it lost the final to Montreal, but even dominated at the start of the last decade with two Stanley Cup wins in three years (2012 and 2014). Then came difficult years and attempts to rebuild. When you win a lot, it’s hard to separate yourself from your champions. The turning point came in the last couple of years: they let go of players like Lewis, Campbell, Martinez, Clifford and eventually Jeff Carter as well.. They focused on a series of lifts. After many failures to qualify for the playoffs, it now seems that the right year has arrived, as evidenced by the current second place in the division behind Calgary. Not all samples have disappeared. There remains a ventricle of the heart that brought two titles to Los Angeles. Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty, Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown can explain to youngsters how it’s done. The Kings have picked new players with personality and playing style because you have to think about how you want to play first, and then think about winning. Tireless pressure, speed, desire to accept the confrontation and not back down. It is the philosophy that can bring the Kings back to the throne, 10 years after the magical period of their empire.

Las Vegas decimated by injuries

That is why the comparison will be stimulating for the golden knights. Until now, Vegas has only known winning seasons, but it is experiencing how difficult it is to climb the last step, the one that opens the horizon of victory. And how difficult it is to stay competitive at this level. Current fourth place in the Pacific keeps them in the playoffs, but in the last 5 weeks of the season it will be a constant fight with many teams involved, game after game. To stay strong, you also have to go through adversity. Y vegas is to get to know them up close this season, with an impressive series of injuries that have taken or are taking players like goalkeeper Lehner, Mark Stone, Alec Martinez (ex-Kings), Max Pacioretty, Nolan Patrick and Reilly Smith. Finally, they did not enjoy the graft of a player who unbalances the balance like Jack Eichel, arrived from the Sabers and from a long recovery in the operating room. In the last game (5-3 win over the Panthers) he was hit by a puck and never came back, prompting fears of further injury. The victory against Florida, however, ended a streak of 5 games. The Golden Knights must find a way to resist. Then, if they get all the absentees back and empty the infirmary, they can put on a show again. In the entertainment capital of the world they look pretty good. Every hockey game is a challenge, a fight, an adrenaline rush. In Vegas it can work fine. To achieve success you need to beat great opponents, have someone to beat. Starting with the Los Angeles Kings.

The NHL on Sky Sport

Vegas Golden Knights-Los Angeles Kings is the game that Sky Sport Action broadcasts live on Saturday, March 19 at 9:00 p.m. and is played at the T-Mobile Arena, a place where even the pre-game and the breaks are a spectacle where nothing is left to chance. On the other hand, we are in Paradise, the continuation of the famous Las Vegas Strip, with the world’s largest concentration of hotels, casinos, resorts, shopping malls and entertainment arenas.

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