NHL, the balance of the market: that’s what made a title shot

NHL market close with 33 trades and 54 players involved in the last 24 hours alone. The teams of the Atlantic Division are reinforced. Fleury to the Wilds and Giroux to the Panthers the biggest deals.

An electrifying market. The cross interests of NHL teams have produced a large number of exchanges and of deal, 33 only in the last hours before the deadline set for March 21. The discriminant to evaluate them is quite clear. The teams that are close to qualifying for the playoffs have looked to strengthen themselves, trying to fill out the roster and perhaps add quality players who can make a difference. Those excluded from the playoffs have made trades to gain options and future players or to get rid of expensive contracts, often with players who will become free agents at the end of the season and thus would have lost anyway.

What Division of the Atlantic!

The fight between the top four of the Atlantic Division classification, clearly ahead of the others, has created a real run for the best offer. THE Florida panthers they were not satisfied with being in the first place, they thought big. They added the most precious and wanted player: claude giroux. Giroux leaves Philadelphia, which has been his home for 15 years, but he does so so he can finally chase the Stanley Cup on a team equipped to win. He is 34 years old but absolutely intact as he showed in the All Star Game by taking home the MVP title. In a team that already has attacking leaders like Barkov and Huberdeau, he adds talent, experience and a lot of points. Panthers have an impressive attack. But you don’t live on offense alone, especially in the playoffs. And then they also added an experienced defender like Ben Chiarotbefore Montreal, very effective at blocking shots and spreading loads.

tampa bay, the team that has held the title for two seasons, has a great vision at this time of year. He often added players who were essential to winning. We will try again in 2022 with Brandon Hagel (taken from Chicago), a young striker who knows how to find the door (21 goals and 37 points this season), who comes to a team that has good passers capable of raising their numbers. But he also came from Ottawa. nick paul, a winger who has great defensive solidity and who will be of great use as a penalty-taking specialist. To expand the park of players has also arrived Riley Nash from Arizona

Toronto finally brought home the defender Mark Giordano, coming to the Kraken after a life in Calgary. At 38, he wanted to play for his hometown team before ending his career, not out of convenience but to aim for a win. He meets TJ Brodie, paired with him for many years on the Flames. The Maple Leafs try to support the third and fourth line defensiveness as well with Colin Blackwell. It should work, the doubt remains that the many goals conceded could question the goalkeepers, not just the players on the move. The defense also dealt with the boston bruinskicking the 28-year-old Swede out of the Ducks Hampus Lindholm, immediately signed with an 8-year contract extension. The Bruins have laid the foundation for a great department that already has players like Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo on multiyear contracts.

Marc-Andre Fleury: A winning goalie in the Minnesota Wild

It was the name that topped the list of the best players available in this market. In the end it was the wild minnesota to ensure the performance of Marc-Andre Fleury, goalkeeper who has won three Stanley Cups in his career and that took Las Vegas to the final four years ago. Goalkeeper who loves challenges and who knows how to exalt himself in the moments that matter. If he still knows how to do it at 37, Wild has found the missing piece to become a true contender. We might expect less continuity than in the past, but there will always be his famous ability to have sensational spikes in performance in some decisive games.

Strong that becomes very strong

There are many contenders for the title who, however, have grown stronger. It is impossible not to mention teams like the new york rangersi colorado avalanche hey pittsburgh penguins. Rangers have added a lot of depth to an already solid team. They had moved very early acquiring Frank Vatran of the Panthers, then came a versatile forward like the 27-year-old Andrew Copp (of Winnipeg), a player given to the sacrifice as Tyler Motte (from Vancouver) and the defender justin braun from Philadelphia, a confident acting veteran. For the NHL playoffs, a path full of obstacles and unforeseen events (see injuries), players are needed to be able to alternate, we need to expand the list of good players available. Therefore, the Rangers have invested in insurance against potential problems. The Colorado Avalanche, already the team with the most attractive, fast and effective attacking game in the league, will now also be able to count on Andrew Cogliano (of sharks) and arturi lehkonen (from Montreal). Lehkonen is a very flexible winger, who can play on both special teams, both outnumbered and outnumbered. Beware of teams that have a winning tradition and can put new players in a group that knows the art of making the playoffs and maybe going all the way. Pittsburgh will now have Rickard Rakell (of the Ducks), a very talented winger who comes to a team where there are centers who have made history in the Penguins and beyond. Playing alongside Crosby or Malkin, he’ll get tons of assists.

Seattle thinks ahead

The new ones were very active on the market, but at the exit seattle kraken. They could not immediately build a team capable of targeting the playoffs in the first season, so they preferred to let go of many players who were looking for more competitive teams and dedicate themselves to building for the next few years. They asked for options in return: They now have 25 between the 2022 and 2023 drafts. They will bring home a whole generation of talent. The GMs played their game and it took a long time. After days of furious negotiations, the market returns for an exciting season finale with the final 5 weeks of the regular season. There are a dozen teams that are convinced that they now have what it takes to pull it off. On paper they have good reasons, on ice, then, only one will be right.

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