“Only Steph Curry is a better shooter than me”

There is no longer any doubt that Steph Curry is the best shooter in history, ahead of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller. But in the current league? Who can boast of keeping up with the leader of the Warriors? A player, visibly confident, believes in any case to be in second position. And you see, given his season, we can say that his file has solid elements.

Being the best shooter in the league is an unofficial title that makes many players dream in the current league. But for now, that honor goes to steph curry, who is way ahead of the competition as he is arguably rated as the best shooter in league history. He does it better than Reggie Miller or Ray Allen compared to all generations. Today ? The debate exists for several players.

Steph Curry, still considered the best shooter

Klay Thompson, Buddy Hield, Duncan Robinson, Trae Young or Joe Harris, there is no shortage of talented shooters in the league today. However, during a recent interview, it was Desmond Bane, Ja Morant’s teammate with the Grizzlies, who was considered the second best shooter in this league. This is what he tells Sports Illustrated, that he won’t stop reacting.

Steph Curry is the only player who is better than me in this league. The others ? You’ll have to prove it to me. Steph deserves flowers, even Klay Thomson, who is coming back from a big injury. But besides that, I want to be seen in the same conversation, which is why I’m fighting.

So does Bane deserve such praise? In any case, we can say that the rear is gaining momentum. After a 9.2-point rookie season, he now has 18.2 points, all while shooting a good 43.6% from 3-point range, for almost 7 attempts. A really good shooter must be recognized, but perhaps we are waiting for more regularity to consider it as one of the best. After all, Bane is only in his second season in the league, but he packs a punch.

On Twitter, netizens also quite agree with him:

43.6% in 7 attempts per game… easily in the top 5

People criticize him because he is confident lmao

Is Desmond Bane the second best shooter in the league? His file is defended, but he must be regular to aspire to be well placed in this classification. In any case, the Grizzlies revel in his level, as does Ja Morant. Here is a duo that looks very promising.

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