Report: WWE Smackdown 01-14-2022 (face to face between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins)

Hello friends from Spazio Wrestling, I’m Nicola Tarantino and today I’ll join you in this new episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

The episode begins with the Usos announcing a 4-team match to decree their new first challengers and announcing the participants.


The match begins with a fight between all the teams and the Usos, meanwhile they go to the ring to watch the match. Mansour’s Atomic Drop series on Carrillo followed by a Backbreaker from teammate Cesaro. They enter by stealing Erik and Shanky’s tag and the former’s outstretched arm. Series of tags with Mahal with which they defeat Erik, who however gives the tag to Ivar and the two with various combined movements land on the Indian giant. Ivar goes to the bonfire, but is blocked by Mahal and Cesaro, who are in turn blocked by Erik, which activates the Tower of Doom. Cesaro’s uppercut on Ivar followed by a Samoan Drop on Carrillo. He tries to Swing on Ivar but Jinder hits him from behind with Kallas. A domino effect is generated between the participants while Ivar and Carrillo remain and the first, with the help of Erik, connects the Viking Experience by winning the match, becoming the new first challengers of the Usos.


Naomi goes to Sonia’s office to request a match against Charlotte after last week, but the manager is adamant, actually saying that if she doesn’t get out of his office right away, he can either remove her from the Royal Rumble match or fire her. Naomi is forced to leave.

Sami starts a sketch in which he says that he will finally be able to try again to conquer the intercontinental title that was unfairly taken from him. He then talks about what happened 7 days ago with Johnny Knoxville from Jackass who by throwing him over the top rope got into the actual fight. After announcing that he too has signed up for the Royal Rumble match, he opens his new show called In Zayn. Parody of Jackass, he will try with a shopping cart pushed by two men to climb into the ring with a stilt and end up on a target located on the other side of the ring. But he won’t have the courage to do it because he doesn’t want to get injured before his starting match, however, while the public whistles at him, Boogs arrives to distract him since Nakamura has to surprise him with a Kinshasa behind his back and he succeeds. Finally, Rick with a Gorilla Press throws Sami right over the target placed in front of the comment table.


Before the match, Natalya says that she has already broken 3 absolute records in WWE, being the woman with the most matches in history, the most PPV matches and the most victories, but now she wants to do another, which is to win with the fastest match. As soon as she enters the ring, she beats Aliyah and the referee initially doesn’t want her to fight. But Aliyah insists and starts the match and it is she with a RollUp who pins Natalya to the ground and wins in 3.17 seconds, setting the new absolute record as the fastest victory.


Michael Cole introduces us, after 20 years of absence from Smackdown, Lita. In the ring, the redhead talks about the excitement of coming back and having a plan to win the actual match to finally fight in the Wrestlemania main event. But Charlotte arrives to interrupt her and after chasing Cole she tells him not to take too many flights because she will also fight in the real fight to choose the challenger. She then adds that she will participate in the destruction of her dreams of glory after eliminating her and that she will regret coming back. From her It will end up from her as her best friend Trish Stratus who two years ago begged her to fight her but lost at Summerslam. Saying that, Lita pretends to slap her and the queen freaks out at her but then knocks her down with a Twist of Fate leaving her knocked out.


Ricochet repeatedly manages to drop Sheamus with head grabs but in the end the Irishman is free with a shoulder. A relieved Ricochet throws the enemy with scissors to the head and then Saempton out of the ring. Sheamus returns and is successful on the other side, so Ricochet chases after him, but trips himself by landing badly on the apron. Ricochet follows up with a Springboard Crossbody, followed by several Chops and finally a Moonsault Guillotine Springboard with Sheamus hanging over the ropes. He now comes out of the stake for Shooting Star Press but misses and Thirt Wheel Backbreaker. Sheamus takes him to the bonfire but here he charges a Sunseet Fleep Powerbomb. Ricochet then attempts a Back Flip by bouncing off the ropes, but suffers a Brogue Kick on the fly and loses the match.


Meanwhile, in Sonia and Adam’s office, it’s getting hotter and hotter and Pearce goes to find out why the air conditioners are so hot. Sonia takes off her jacket because of the heat but just at that moment Naomi arrives and now she could raise her hands since Deville misses her uniform of authority. But Pearce arrives to get in the way of Naomi who is fed up with all this with Sonia. So, Pearce decides for next week a contenders match to give him with Charlotte, so if he wins he will have a starting opportunity.


After announcing his participation in the Royal Rumble match and pre-match teasing about Woods’ injury, Moss picks Kofi up, who, however, throws him out of the ring over the third rope and then lunges at him and Corbin, landing both. Followay Slam returns to the ring by Moss but a cornered Kofi reacts with blows, followed by a Drop Kick and the Boom Drop. He goes from the stake for a Crossbody but Moss catches him, Kingston escapes him and tries the SOS but meanwhile Moss sticks his fingers in his eye and it is he who wins by connecting his decisive maneuver.


It is the moment of the face to face between Rollins and Reigns and in the meantime of the episode we have seen many moments in common between the two, from the Shield together with the challenges in the ring. After making himself known to the public, Roman invites Seth to do it. Rollins does so but immediately asks him a question and that is how he becomes the self-proclaimed Chief of the Table, Tribal Chief and the best superstar of this era. He replies that it is thanks to the one who guided him step by step in the Shield and brought him with him and because he had a family dedicated to Lucha Libre that helped him otherwise he would not be where he is now and having said this he reiterates that how he created it in order to destroy it. Reigns laughs at him telling him that he is wasting his time with someone dressed as a clown and that it is certainly not his merit if he faces him in the Rumble since he does not have the star power comparable to his, on the contrary he tells him that maybe they put him there alone thanks to the star power higher than the wife. Rollins seems to want to respond but notices the Usos behind him that wanted to hit him but he cleverly manages to escape out of the ring.

This is how this episode ends and Nicola Tarantino gives you an appointment next week with a new chapter, also here at Spazio Wrestling.

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