Report: WWE Smackdown 01-21-2022 (Uses celebrate Roman Reigns)

Hello friends of Spazio Wrestling, I am Nicola Tarantino and even today I will accompany you in this new episode of Friday Night Smackdown just over a week from the Royal Rumble.

The episode begins with the Usos announcing the arrival of Roman Reigns, the new record holder for the longest reign as Universal champion, which today is close to 508 days. After entering the ring, we are shown a video that runs through his reign and ends that he is about to speak, but is interrupted by Seth Rollins. He congratulates him but also tells him that all this would not have been possible if his cousins ​​had not always done his dirty work for him as they did against him on Raw last Monday by attacking him. Roman laughs saying that it’s just envy, but Rollins responds by saying that to prove that’s not true, he gives away the presence of Rumble’s cousins ​​if they lose tonight’s match against him and a partner that he will have to choose. The Uses accept even though Reigns’ face doesn’t seem to agree. At this point Owens arrives as Rollins’ partner but Roman says that here he decides what to do or not and then adds that if he loses tonight’s match, Seth will lose his title match and have a nice vacation as champion until WrestleMania. Laughing Seth agrees.


Big E arrives from Raw to give his partner a hand at ringside. Moss starts with a shoulder but Kofi responds with a Dropkick from the corner followed by a Boom Legdrop. Madcap reacts with a knee and then knocks out Kofi. Here he pushes him towards the steps, but Kofi jumps there and avoids him and from there lands him with a double ax handle, followed by Big E, who lands Corbin with an outstretched arm. Back in the ring, Madcap’s Spinebuster but then loses a run and picks up a Head Scissor off the stake from Kofi, who then attempts a jump but caught on the fly picks up after a Front Slam from Moss. The latter throws him against the ropes but suffers a sudden Trouble in Paradise and Sir Kofi wins. Corbin would like to get in the ring but Big E does too and that’s why he gives up. Finally, the former WWE champion connects a Big Ending on Moss.



Aliyah looks for the Roll Up to win immediately but Natalya knocks her down with an outstretched arm. She tries again with another RollUp but it’s still Natalya’s Suplex. Aliyah goes to the bonfire and performs a Head Scissor but picks up the Discuss Clothesline from the Canadian. Another RollUp attempt by Aliyah that now makes Natalya nervous who hits her in the corner despite calls from the referee asking for disqualification and Aliyah wins. Natalya continues to hit her but Xia Lì arrives to kick him out of the ring to help Aliyah.



Erik starts with a Body Slam on Carrillo but Garza enters who hits him with a knee. Double Dropkick next to Carrillo who then misses a Standing Moonsault and receives a knee from Erik. Ivar enters who first lands with a Carrillo Crossbody but then misses the diagonal and is rounded. However, he untags his partner Erik, who, aided by Ivar, simultaneously performs a Front Slam and Powerbomb on both of them with great force. Erik then hands Carrillo over to Ivar for the Viking Experience, winning easily.



But in the end Sonia arrives and asks the referee Charles Robinson to take off his uniform because she will arbitrate the dispute. Charlotte takes advantage of it and attacks the enemy but Naomi reacts with an Enziguiri from the stake. She then attempts a Head Scissor from there, but the Queen locks her in a Boston Crab. Naomi breaks free of her, but Charlotte closes her in Figure 4. Naomi still struggles, throwing her opponent into Sonia, who is thrown from the square. Meanwhile, Naomi connects the Real View but Sonia is still out of it and the pin is not counted. Charlotte takes advantage of it by hitting her from behind to her legs and closing her in Figure 4. At this point, without Naomi giving up, she asks for her surrender and Sonia declares Charlotte the winner with a Screwjob.


In his segment On Zayn, Sami faces one of the many tests seen in Jackass by saying that he does better what Johnny Knoxville does to them. He decides to inflict electric shocks on himself by pretending to increase the voltage of a tool. But Johnny arrives and proves that the instrument was off and that the downloads were false. He turns it on and this time attacks it on Zayn who suffers a real scare that causes him to fall painfully to the ground. He gets up with the help of Johhny and holding on to the ropes is thrown over the third rope again by the one who gives him an appointment in the real fight.

Adam Pearce talks behind the scenes with Eric Bischoff about the concept of leadership. Meanwhile, Sonia arrives still in the referee’s uniform. Adam introduces Eric and then tells him that after what happened, management didn’t appreciate this abuse of power over Naomi, so the next week he decided to play her 1v1 against her. Sonia agrees despite herself, and Bischoff tells Pearce that’s what it’s like to be a leader.


He returns to accompany Ridge Holland after his injury on Day 1 at the hands of Ricochet. Sheamus’s Thirt Wheel Backbreaker, who then elbows him to the ground. Ricochet Enziguiri’s answer that later picks up the Irish Course of the Irish. He attempts the Brogue Kick but misses and ends up on the ropes and is knocked out of the ring by Ricochet with a Dropkick. He then attempts the Suicide Dive but Sheamus catches him on the fly with a knee. He then puts it back in the ring and finishes it off with the Brogue Kick.


Meanwhile, backstage, Rick Boogs and Nakamura meet Jeff Jarrett, who compliments Rick on his guitar playing.


Several RollUp attempts from Seth on Jimmy, who then hits him with a knee. He punches him alternating with Jey in the corner but Seth pushes him into the corner of him. Now he is the one who wins it in turns with Owens in the corner of him. Seth goes to the bonfire but gets distracted and Jimmy drops him and Jey enters. But Kevin also enters after Jey misses the Running Ip Attack and combo Saempton on the ground plus Cannon Ball on the Samoan. He goes to the bonfire but he too gets distracted and his Saempton is stopped from there on his knees. He deploys and charges the other Uso’s Superkick. Owens still hit reacts but is taken to the enemy corner. Kevin’s enziguiri and double tag in the square where Rollins now lands Jey with the Sling Blade and throws the two Usos for a Suicide Dive on both of them. Then there is a knee on Springboard but there are only 2. Neckbreaker but from Jey followed by a Samoan Drop assisted by his brother but there are still 2. Jey comes out of the stake but misses and then Seth tag Kevin and Pop Up Powerbomb but Jey is saved again. Then the Canadian leaves the stake but is blocked, despite this he executes a Fisherman Superplex on the Samoan who is saved by the 3 of his brother who stops the count. Seth enters now but Jimmy stops him with a kick, but Owens arrives and nails him with the Stunner, but in turn lands for Jey with a Superkick, the same but then Rollins also suffers. Still, the visionary with elbows to the back of the head brings Jey to his knees and is ready for the Curb Stomp. But Roman arrives with Superman Punch to hit him for the disqualification but still allowing Seth to face him in the Rumble. This means that he will be alone in that fight against him and in fact Seth laughs and Roman leaves upset.


This is how this episode ends and Nicola Tarantino gives you an appointment next week with a new episode, also here at Spazio Wrestling.

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