Report: WWE Smackdown 02-18-2022 (face to face between Roman Reigns and Goldberg)

Hello friends of Spazio Wrestling, I’m Nicola Tarantino and today I’ll join you in this new episode of Friday Night Smackdown just a few hours from Elimination Chamber, the last stop before Wrestlemania.

The episode begins with Adam Pearce in the ring for a contract signing and calls Sonia Deville to the ring, closely followed by Charlotte Flair, his partner in the Elimination Chamber match. He then announces the challengers, that is, Naomi and Ronda Rousey. After several skirmishes between the two couples, the four participants are booked, but Charlotte announces a stipulation for tomorrow. Since Rousey said in an interview that she could win the match with one arm, they want her to fight like this. Round unblinking signature. Having said that, both of them tipped the table onto Sonia and Charlotte and made them fall to the ground.

Sheamus motivates Ridge Holland behind the scenes before his match against Ricochet.


Sheamus talks to Holland who is outside the square to see their fight and for this Ricochet surprises him with several Drop Kicks in the corner but Sheamus’s knee stops him. Another Drop Kick and Sheamus this time rolls out of the ring and then suffers a Suicide Dive from the enemy. Empty a maneuver in Trampoline from the ropes and Back Breaker of the Irish. Another Back Drop from Sheamus who now has control over the canvas. Ricochet superkick and the two roll out of the ring, then attempt a Fish from the apron but Sheamus catches it on the fly and Followay Slam on the comment table. Celtic Warrior pole clothesline which then hits him on the apron in the chest. Ricochet reacts with a Tornado DDT after trying to pick up the enemy and then hits them with a Crossbody and Shooting Star Press while he is standing up. Springboard Moonsault again by Ricochet but who then charges an Alabama Slam. The Irishman comes out of the fire but here he collects a Spanish Fly and he only has two. Now Ricochet is out of the game but Holland distracts him, Ricochet gets down and Sheamus tries to hit him from behind but his Brogue Kick is avoided and almost takes Ridge to the apron. This leads him to argue with him and once he turns he gives him a double knee in the face that costs him the defeat.


In the post match Holland tries to explain himself to Sheamus but the latter does not want to feel good and instead pushes him to the ground in frustration, blaming him for the defeat.

It is announced that The Undertaker will be inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame with a film tracing the Phenom’s career.


Jey’s kick that is then crushed in the corner by the enemy. Side Slam follows from Ivar but then he picks up another kick and then a Superkick. Enziguiri from the Samoan but extended arm from the Viking who then leaves with a Bronco Buster to the corner. Then he gets on the stake and Splash connects on the Samoan, but when they seem like three Jimmy arrives to hit him with his own helmet asking for disqualification. Erik comes to the rescue who drives off the two Samoans with the same helmet.


It’s Drew McIntyre’s moment in the ring before his match against Madcap Moss in Arabia. He talks about how the attack he suffered from him and Corbin could cost him the Road to Wrestlemania on the advice of doctors after his injury. That’s why he wanted to make her pay by choosing a stipulation with no rules. The two friends arrive and Moss says that he will not only use the entire stadium to his advantage to hurt him, but he will definitely break his neck. Drew replies that he will have to blame his friend after tomorrow’s game how he will cut him down because of him since he put him in this situation.


Nakamura is not accompanied by Boogs after what happened last week. Drop Kick from Nakamura who then goes with several kicks and knees on Zayn’s belly to the mat. Again knees in the race on the post, to then give another in the always run apron. He tries another jump from the stake but Sami moves and therefore lands badly outside the square. The challenger is now in control with ground grabs and falling elbows. Chop again on the Japanese followed by an extended arm and another of elbows. But Shinsuke’s Arm Barr, who then with punches and kicks breaks through after performing a Sliding German Suplex between the ropes. Zayn avoids the Back Exploder at this point and scores with a Michinoku Driver but it’s only two. The Japanese rolls, Sami runs towards him but is stopped with a kick between the ropes that puts him on his knees outside the square. Then the champion tries the Kinshasa but the perennial conspirator avoids it by hitting his knee against the steel steps. Sami continues to hit the opponent’s bad knee now, but then gets kicked off the stake. Kinshasa tries again but Zayn’s tackle slipped and he then performs the Blue Thunderbomb but still has two. He crushes the challenger in the corner but Shinsuke reacts with kicks to the ropes risking disqualification several times. Kinshasa tries again but Zayn rolls out, Nakamura follows him but Sami takes the opportunity to nail his legs to the stake. Shinsuke tries a kick but his leg hurts, so Zayn blocks it and closes it in a Roll Up that the champion can’t get out of because of the pain. So have a new champion!!!


It’s time for a showdown between Roman Reigns and Goldberg, who will square off in Elimination Chamber with the Universal title on the line. The champion and Heyman arrive first in the ring and the Tribal Chief, after asking to be recognized by the New Orleans public, asks Paul to celebrate. The wise man says that maybe Bill at his best moment would have had a chance of beating the chief of the tribe but right now Reigns is in the first one and for that reason he will win and will be confirmed champion again. But The Man arrives who first grabs a microphone and then throws it to the ground. Roman laughs but Bill walks up to him with a hard nose and then Reigns tells him that he should calm down because he’s in his ring and he’s in charge here so he should tell him what his intentions are now. He hands him the microphone and Goldberg says that he should apologize to everyone for what he said last week since Roman will not be the next victim but tomorrow, in a few hours, he will be the next Universal champion.

This is how this episode ends and that’s why Nicola Tarantino gives you an appointment next week with a new episode of Friday Night Smackdown, also here at Spazio Wrestling.

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