Report: WWE Smackdown 02-25-2022 (contract signing for Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns)

Hello friends from Spazio Wrestling, I’m Nicola Tarantino and today I’ll join you in this new episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

The episode begins with Michael Cole announcing Ronda Rousey in the ring. Cole says that she has been out of WWE for 3 years and asks what prompted her to come back. Rousey replies that she won the Rumble again even though her daughter was recently born because she wanted the Wrestlemania main event. Cole then lists some of Ronda’s career successes and she replies that she’s already thinking ahead because she wants to be the first woman to let Charlotte submit. However, Charlotte arrives, who says that she forgave her in Arabia due to her arm disability by stipulation and promises that at WrestleMania she will make her scream for the first time in pain and will submit her while still being champion so she can think about leaving home to do another baby. But behind her is Sonia to tie him to the leg with Charlotte who then pulls him on the stake. Ronda rolls to the center of the ring where Deville picks her up but the fighter manages to knock her off the ground although her manager then manages to escape from her avoiding the worst.

Adam tells Sonia backstage that he can’t attack Ronda because she’s a manager and that she will face Rousey on Smackdown next week.


Kofi and Carrillo start and Splash on the ground by the Ghanaian, then Big E enters with a shoulder followed by an Abdominal Stretch. Humberto punches and kicks but Big E reacts and Kofi returns with an assist from Saempton. Kingston’s Missile Drop Kick followed by an Enziguiri from the apron but Garza a, this point distracts him. Carrillo finds him hitting him with a For Arm, then they grab Kofi and push him to the edge of the ring. He is now taken to the enemy corner where he is Drop Kicked hanging upside down from the stake. Carrillo is in control and Angel enters with a Boston Crab but Kofi breaks free with a double Stomp. Big E enters with Carrillo and the Belly to Belly Suplex series followed by Big Splash. He calls out the Big Ending, but Garza still distracts him and as he slips away, Carrillo lands him with the Superckick. He goes to Big E’s corner but then lands Humberto with a dunk, then connects the Midnight Hour with his partner but Garza saves his partner. The two then run off and Garza lands Big E with a Suicide Dive. He then notices the quad the two from New Day entered through but before he can touch it Kingston jumps on it and knocks it down. Meanwhile, Carrillo also lands the Trouble in Paradise outside the ring as Big E and Garza return. Superkick again by Ángel who goes from the stake to the Moonsault but outside Big E has gotten on board the quad with which he would like to run over Carrillo lying on the ground. This distracts Garza, who then spins and knees Kofi, who then tags Big E to close with the winning Midnight Hour.


The Usos are interviewed behind the scenes by Sam Roberts but they prefer to publicize their cousin’s match against Lesnar thus underestimating the Viking Raiders who attack them from behind and then claim the title opportunity that they could not exercise in Arabia due to their attack from behind.


Natalya beat her in the corner but Drop Kick from the Chinese who then picked up a Discus Clothesline. Suplex again followed by an Abdominal Stretch. After several kicks and elbows, Li breaks free and tries an Exploder Suplex but there are only two. The Canadian then attempts the Sharp Shooter but Xia escapes and wins the match with a Spinning Kick to the head.


The new Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn arrives very elegantly dressed, ready to celebrate his victory with a festive ring. He says that he has finally gotten justice after months of conspiracy that did not allow him to win the title. But now he doesn’t care about any of this because at this point he has won and is above everything. He then says that he will give Nakamura another chance when he recovers from his leg injury, but meanwhile invites someone else in. Johnny Knoxville shows up to crash his party, but Zayn immediately shoots him. But Johnny would like to challenge him for the title as he himself had requested, but Sami refuses since he does not consider him up to the task. Then Johnny tells him that he doesn’t have the guts to face him so Zayn throws the microphone to the ground coming face to face with him. Zayn is about to walk out but attacks him, only to knock him down with two Halluva Kicks before being ejected by the referees. Backstage, Pearce pays him back for what he did, but Ricochet shows up and steps up for the title and then Adam announces that title fight next week.

Sasha Banks returns from Rumble ready to fight.


Naomi arrives at the ring to watch the match. Shotzy’s slap, who then picks up Sasha’s 3 Friends, but her third one blocks it by knocking her to the ground by her hair. However, a meteor from the Boss from the stake followed by a double knee and the winning Back Statement that closes the contest.


Naomi walks into the ring with her on a microphone and announces that the audience is watching the duo’s future champions.


Before the match, Corbin takes the microphone and says that this would be a Wrestlemania match, so he wouldn’t want to do it in front of this crowd. He then incenses Moss, urging the audience to cheer him on. He then says that it’s right at this point that he’s the one facing him, but the two attack him together. Moss will face him at this point and so the bell rings. Moss starts off strong, charging Drew into the corner and then picking up the Kiss of Glasgow. He now charges him for the overturned Alabama Slam with which he almost risks breaking his neck but Madcap grabs onto the ropes and leaves the square. Moss is in control after throwing him over the barricades and knocks him down with a shoulder. Drew’s kick and now punches in the center of the ring ended with Clothesline, Belly to Belly and Neckbreaker in favor of the Scotsman. He calls out to Claymore but Corbin distracts him and Moss takes advantage of it for a DDT. He attempts a shoulder by taking more chases on the ropes, but falls victim to the Claymore loss.


Interviewed backstage, Ronda says she will teach Sonia Deville a lesson next week because she exceeded the bar with her mannerisms.

It is time for the signing of the contract between Lesnar and Reigns, the fight painted as the greatest in the history of WrestleMania since it will decree the undisputed champion of the company due to the unification of the Universal and WWE belts. The complete Bloodline arrives first and in the ring, in addition to the signing table with Adam Pearce, there is a security cordon of several men to separate the two. Heyman speaks up saying that it’s no exaggeration to call this main event the biggest in Wrestlemania history, more than Hogan vs. Andre The Giant or Stone Cold vs. The Rock or more than Undertaker’s Streak. He then says that security is there to protect Brock from the Tribal Chief. Lesnar comes in and puts his belt on the table and says there’s only one reason he won’t jump on the table and kick him and Paul in the butt and that’s the contract so only because he wants it. After signing, he tosses the folder to Roman, who signs. After doing this in a delusion of omnipotence, he says that everything related to this show, from the cameraman to the lights and the public, everything belongs to him and is successful because he is the undisputed leader, including the security in the ring that meanwhile surrounds Lesnar. with all the Bloodline that in the meantime has left the square. Brock obviously cleans up in the ring with Reigns surprised but not too surprised by what he saw the Beast do in the ring.

This is how this episode ends and Nicola Tarantino gives you an appointment next week with a new chapter always and only here at Spazio Wrestling.

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