Report: WWE Smackdown 05-06-2022 (last stop before WrestleMania Backlash)

Hello friends of Spazio Wrestling, I am Nicola Tarantino and today we will see together the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown before Wrestlemania Backlash,

The show begins with a match.


Before the game, Charlotte grabs a microphone to say that people pay a lot of money for tickets just to see her and that last week’s loss was a conspiracy against her. He says that he will humiliate Ronda at Backlash when she makes him say “I quit” at her meeting. Then, turning to Aliyah, he tells her that he will enjoy her stardom by sharing the ring with her, but that he will humiliate her just like he will humiliate her with Ronda. He pulls her close and surprises her with a punch before she starts the match, but Rousey makes it to the ring and pulls the queen down to start an off-square brawl. The fighter is thrown to the barricades but when they return to the ring they continue to give them to him and therefore match officials and managers arrive to stop them but in vain because the two do not stop. It takes several men to separate the two with difficulty, and the two remotely promise each other a good reason before their meeting on Sunday.

The match at the end never took place.


Sasha’s kick that then leaves immediately with a Meteor from the stake. The Boss starts strong trying to twist the opponent’s arm on the canvas but Shayna breaks free by overturning the maneuver. Banks manages to get up from her, but Natalya distracts her by allowing Shayna to land Banks with a Side Slam. However, she missed the knee in the corner, but Baszler catches Sasha on the fly and knocks her down with another Side Slam. Still slashes in the arm for Cage Fighter, but Banks breaks free and Baseball Slide sends Shayna out of the ring. Upon returning she executes another Meteorite but there are only two. Bulldog again by Sasha, who then knocks Natalya out of the ring with a Head Scissor, returns but receives a Roll Up from Baszler who, aided by Natalya holding his leg, wins the match by cheating. However, after the match, the champions get their revenge by driving away the challengers who wanted to attack them.


New episode of Happy Talk with Happy Corbin. He talks about his match against Moss from Backlash but from the titantron Madcap intervenes saying that for years in WWE he has only had misconceptions from names to tattoos. Corbin invites him to tell him these things in person if he has the balls and then Moss actually shows up in the plaza. He takes the microphone and repeats the things he was saying to her face, stating that he can only entertain with all the tricks he’s had but not fight. Later, Moss changes his first nickname from Alone Wolf to Bald Wolf because he is bald and no longer has long hair like he did at the beginning of his career. Corbin does not respond and is mocked by the entire audience following the Madcap chorus.


Drew tries to attack but Gunther immediately blocks him in the arm and then knocks him down. Big Boot again by Gunther, who then hits with Violent Chops. Sleeper Hold of the Ring General who after making Gulak pass out lands him with the winning Powerbomb.


Nakamura interviewed backstage promises revenge against Roman Reigns and his henchmen after what happened at Wrestlemania to his partner Rick Boogs and him the next episode of Smackdown.


The two teams start with a punch in the square, Holland attacks Woods in the ring after knocking out Kofi but the Ghanaian returns with an Ax Handle from the stake. Sheamus takes Kofi out but Xavier hits him with a Baseball Slide. The New Day take a table and use it as a weapon against Sheamus, then go back into the ring and open the table. They prepare with a Suplex to throw Holland but Sheamus moves him in the meantime. Then Back Breaker on Woods and Powerbomb try on the table on Kofi outside the ring but Woods intervenes saving his partner, then throws Holland on the stands. Meanwhile, Kofi climbs the pole and, following an apron kick from Xavier on Sheamus, he flies over the Irishman landing him on the smashed barricade. The Irish are already in control after the commercial and drumming the New Day duo on stereo, they take Kingston out into the square and try to throw him on a table but Kofi escapes them and SOS on Holland, but White Noise on Sheamus’s apron. Meanwhile, Woods fights Holland and the New Day member’s Superkick. Another Superkick that knocks Holland out on a table, Woods climbs on the stake to destroy him but Sheamus blocks him, but Kofi arrives with a Suicide Dive to knock him out. . Butch appears out of nowhere to attack Kofi and then Sheamus’s Brogue Kick on Kingston first and Xavier later. They bring the latter and together with Holland they bombard him on a table, winning.


Meanwhile, backstage, Zayn intercepts Heyman saying that he wants to take care of Shinsuke for Bloodline and Paul agrees.

Adam Pearce is upset about Sami wanting a match with Nakamura and giving it to her right now. Zayn is surprised by this decision but accepts.

Lacey Evans in the fifth chapter of her story talks about her father’s problems as soon as he entered WWE. She says that she tried to make her family proud beyond the problems her family experienced because of her father and remembers her first game in front of her family. She says that for years she could not have the love of her family because of the above but now she wants to return it to her family and that is what made her a better woman more convinced of her means, becoming a Marine first, a WWE Superstar now and Smackdown Women’s Champion in the future. Lacey arrives after the scene in the ring to be cheered by the audience.


Arm-in-arm with Nakamura, who puts the opponent on the ground, but Sami cleverly trips him up and then slams him to the mat. Knee of the Japanese who then leaves with an Enziguiri Kick and a Snap German Suplex between the ropes. He already tries the Kinshasa but Zayn catches it on the fly and leaves with a Michinoku Driver that, however, is only worth a two. Head Lock by Sami but the Japanese loosens his grip and hits the target with kicks. Knee to the neck from the stake for Nakamura, then an exchange of blows between the two then closed with an Arm Bar on the ground but overturned by Zayn with a Roll Up. Shinsuke kicks again who then calls Kinshasa but the debater runs out of the ring, but is hit by the Japanese. Zayn’s Halluva Kick out of the square sends the opponent over the fence so they can escape into the ring before the referee counts 10 and win by Count Out.


Now the face to face between the 6 participants of the 3v3 of Wrestlemania Backlash. There’s Orton, Riddle and McIntyre in the ring initially and Matt only recognizes Orton as his best friend while Orton recognizes McIntyre as the one who stole the WWE title from him and ultimately Drew recognizes Orton as the one who backed down to get that title back. title. . The three after these digs acknowledge that the three of them made the right decision by teaming up to kick Roman and Bloodline off once and for all. But the latter appears and Reigns quickly marches to the ring with the Usos facing the three. A fistfight breaks out between the six of them, but it is the Bloodline who initially wins by beating Drew. But the RKBro came in with two RKOs on the Usos to get the situation back on track, then closed in favor of the face with McIntyre’s Claymore on Roman, who put the Bloodline to flight.

This is how this episode ends and I give you an appointment next week with a new episode, always here at Spazio Wrestling.

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