Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell sued over the same franchise!

The Jazz are going beyond big changes with their All-Star duo Rudy Gobert-Donovan Mitchell, who could leave the franchise this summer. A competitor has also decided to position himself not only in one of them, but in both stars! We know some who are not without ambition.

Utah’s elimination in the first round may be one more bust, as Quin Snyder’s team has missed consecutive chances of reaching the Conference Finals in recent years. The coach himself appears to be leaving after eight years of loyal service, but he may not be the only one packing. Rudy Gobert and donovan mitchell are also affected, with their names appearing in transfer rumors for quite some time.

The good news is that both have strong market odds and there is no shortage of trade offers. Chris Kirschner from the athletic So he did his behind-the-scenes investigation of the league, and found some interesting information: Atlanta wouldn’t be against the idea of ​​trying a move for the two men, if possible! In particular, the franchise has one piece that may be of interest to Salt Lake City:

Hot Hawks by Rudy Gobert and/or Donovan Mitchell

If Gobert or Mitchell, or both, are available, the Hawks should be interested. I hear the Jazz love De’Andre Hunter’s game, and he is, in theory, what they need going forward if they decide to build around Mitchell. In particular, Utah needs more perimeter defense.

Obviously, the Georgians want to give themselves the means to fight for the top spots as soon as possible, after having struggled this season to get to the playoffs. There is no doubt that this time competing in the Play-In, and recruiting key players like Spida and/or the multiple Defender of the Year would be a good way to avoid this. However, as Kirschner points out, Gobzilla is GM Travis Schlenk’s preferred choice:

If Mitchell or Gobert are available, I’d say the latter is the most likely option for the Hawks. A package of Hunter, Clint Capela and Jalen Johnson plus picks could work out salary-wise for Gobert, or if the Jazz prefer cap space long-term, Danilo Gallinari could replace Capela.

Already having Young as the main scorer, Mitchell’s presence is the most essential, unlike the Habs who would be a welcome reinforcement for the Falcons’ defense. By the way, the 27 would evolve like this with the best passer he has been able to rub shoulders with since his debut in the league, Ice Trae turning without a problem in 8-9 offers per game. However, it will be necessary to follow the file of John Collins, since the latter is not the most compatible with the Jazzman.

Atlanta has big ambitions, and Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell would be great pieces to help fulfill them. The triple DPOY in particular should be courted by the Georgia franchise as soon as the transfer market opens.

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