Rudy Gobert breaks loose and crushes Shaq after his disrespect!

If Rudy Gobert has a habit of not responding too much to criticism of him, the Frenchman made an exception after Shaquille O’Neal’s recent violent outburst towards him. To everyone’s surprise, our tricolor has indeed released the sulfate onto the Big Cactus. That shouldn’t stop there…

For several years, Rudy Gobert has been in many ways one of the most unfairly criticized players in the league. Possessing an impressive record for his age, notably crowned with several All-Star selections and DPOY trophies, the Frenchman is regularly the target of American players, consultants or observers. Hard to come up with a rational reason, but one thing is certain: the Saint-Quentin native doesn’t let these inconveniences get to him.

Over the seasons, the Jazz big man has managed to step back from everything that could be said about him. But sometimes a straw that breaks the camel’s back can break the camel’s back…especially when the straw that breaks the camel’s back is none other than Shaquille O’Neal. Known for not being a big fan of Gobert, the Diesel had cut it from his podcast a few days ago, with strong words. An attack that did not go unanswered.

Violently outwitted by Shaq, Rudy Gobert pays him back in cash

Through Instagram, the center of the French team broke his traditional code of silence in the face of the harshest criticism, and got fully into the bacon of the quadruple NBA champion and member of the Hall of Fame. Here’s Rudy’s comment in question below, from a Bleacher Report post:

Bleacher report: ‘Shaq says Rudy Gobert couldn’t defend him 👀’

Gobert: “I would shut his ass 🔒”

It is said ! Tired of ducking without defending himself, the Frenchman responded to a joke with another joke, opening a rather thorny debate: would he have been able to outwit Shaquille O’Neal at his best? Opinions differ on social networks, between those who think that Superman’s power would have been impossible for the Frenchman to contain, and those who believe, on the contrary, that the technicality of the tricolor and his defensive IQ would have frustrated O’Neal. .

As is often the case in this type of intergenerational debate, we will never have the end of the story, and words are doomed to collide without concrete action. What we could have, instead, is a spicy response from Shaq, who shouldn’t know much about this statement from the tricolor…

Rudy Gobert returned blow for blow to Shaq, who shouldn’t have expected to suffer a backlash from the French. The ball is now in the Lakers legend’s court, if he still wants to pour some oil on the fire…

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