Russell Westbrook’s 3 Most Likely Destinations Revealed!

Disappointing for his first season in the City of Angels, Russell Westbrook could pay dearly in a trade in the coming months. We are still waiting to know the position of the front office on the subject, but for bookmakers, three destinations already stand out. Attention, some surprises in the lot.

He came as a star to the Lakers, russell westbrook he was not chosen at random by the main office. By the way, his mission was pretty simple: practice at his best to better relieve LeBron James and Anthony Davis, often in sick bay in recent seasons. The problem is that companions of his or not, the leader never found his place, despite a slight awakening at the end. Today, fans are already asking for a trade.

It must be said that the casting error is huge for Rob Pelinka and company. Westbrook failed to contribute anything positive, while the franchise could have drafted DeMar DeRozan shortly before his trade, who had a very good season with the Bulls. So we can imagine a trade for Russ, provided of course he finds a business partner and solid counterpart on the lot.

Russell Westbrook to the Eastern Conference?

It’s possible, but Angelenos clearly aren’t in the best of positions. The other teams know Westbrook isn’t necessarily wanted anymore, which means Pelinka will have to give up assets to move the point guard. If he decides to take action, which remains to be determined, three franchises seem to be in favor, literally according to the sportsbooks. Rather we should look at the Eastern Conference, but not only.

Russell Westbrook’s odds if he doesn’t play for the Lakers next season: Knicks 7/2, Pistons 6/1.

The Pacers are the favorites, for the simple reason that they have interesting players for the Lakers. We think of Buddy Hield, but also of Malcolm Brogdon. A trade with Westbrook would be ideal, but not guaranteed, as Indiana could demand more than the leader in such a trade. On the other hand, we find the Knicks, always looking for a pure point guard for the future, but does Russ fit this profile? Not really.

Keep in mind that the Big Apple franchise had already indicated it wasn’t interested last February, so a change is unlikely. Finally, the Thunder, who would not say no to a return of the star at home. However, Sam Presti, the general manager, would have to be greedy to win back Russ’s contract. Which put Angelenos in a very awkward position going forward.

Knicks, Pacers and Thunder, here are three teams to watch in case Russell Westbrook leaves this summer. Nothing is done, because it is very possible that the leader will remain, in the absence of finding a satisfactory offer on the market. One thing is certain, we will have to be patient to know the result of this file.

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