Russell Westbrook’s overwhelming support on the Lakers!

More necessarily wanted from the Los Angeles side, Russell Westbrook doesn’t know if he’ll be traded in the coming weeks. We imagine there will be discussions, unless a man decides to get involved in the City of Angels. Again, I’m not sure fans appreciate this news.

Awaiting a summer that promises to be relatively hot for the Lakers, the board is on the hunt for a coach to replace Frank Vogel, who has paid for the boats. The latter was fired by his leaders, because of the collective results, but also because of his inability to stand out russell westbrook. But is it really her fault? Let’s just say that not everyone agrees on the issue.

The case of the leader divides, especially when it comes to his future. Should we turn the page now and switch to Russ? That’s easier said than done, since interest in the star is relatively low and the Angelenos won’t come out on top in a trade. The best solution ? Wait until next year and hope that Westbrook manages to increase his market value.

Russell Westbrook protected in the Lakers?

It’s a risk, but Purple and Gold really don’t have any other options. The thing is, bringing in Westbrook was a bad idea, and the front office can’t come out on top. However, the former Thunder player can still count on support, including Phil Jackson. This is important, since the latter has influence in the decisions of the Lakers, enough to annoy more than one.

Jeanie Buss, the owner, calls outsiders for advice. Who to choose as a future coach? Should Westbrook be traded? According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, the Zen Master rightly appreciates his profile:

Phil Jackson is known to be a huge Westbrook fan throughout his career. Jackson has no interest in becoming a coach, so we can kill that rumor right now. But his opinion on the Westbrook case is relevant to the Lakers. As we have already been able to confirm, his voice counts on the Los Angeles side.

Clearly, and if Jackson appreciates Westbrook’s profile, it’s one more reason for decision-makers to keep him. Is this really a good thing? I’m not sure, especially when you see the results of this campaign. Perhaps it would be better to trust other people, but you have to believe that this is not on the agenda. A recurring problem for the Lakers, who will have to wait for a productive summer with such an organizational chart.

Another hot topic? That of LeBron James, who could decide to extend his contract in Los Angeles. If this is not the case, it will be a great pressure for the main office, in the obligation to satisfy the King. Thanks to ESPN, we know more about the future of Akron natives, who still hopes to win the title in Los Angeles. But a way out cannot be ruled out either.

Russell Westbrook can count on the support of Phil Jackson, and knowing that he has an impact on the franchise, we can think that the leader can sleep on both ears about a possible departure. But if the performances continue to be this bad, not even the Zen Master can save him.

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