Saddened, Allen Iverson lets out a cry from the heart

Urban icon and the best “little” player in history for many observers, Allen Iverson is an emeritus member of the Hall of Fame who is now enjoying his retirement. But AI is still haunted by some episodes, including one, very famous, that he hasn’t digested yet…

Yeah, he never won a ring. Yes, she could have had a better lifestyle. No, he wasn’t much of a defender. It doesn’t matter: Allen Iverson remained himself from the beginning to the end of his NBA adventure and built a legendary reputation on his exploits. For example, no one has forgotten those 2001 playoffs, when the Hampton, Virginia native led a modest roster to the NBA Finals, allowing himself to trample on Tyronn Lue. But after that, things got tough…

In 2002, Philadelphia was unable to repeat the feat, and the press began to blame Iverson. Under permanent pressure, touched in his life by the death of his best friend, “The Answer” ended up going crazy during a mythical diatribe, during which he repeated the word “practice” (“training, editor’s note”) 22 times in about few. minutes.

Allen Iverson upset by the legacy of his tirade

This cult sequence has become folklore, and fans usually watch it with smiles on their faces, as if it were a highlight of AI’s career. However, the main stakeholder recently confessed to the podcast’s Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. all the smoke Everything weighed heavily on him. His explanation puts a lot of things into perspective:

We were eliminated in the first round in 2002, a year after going to the final. I had to deal with the Philly media, which is violent. They just killed my best friend. I had a lot of shit at the time. A reporter kept talking to me about training and I burst out laughing. If I could, I would like to come back to this platform and leave the press conference without saying anything. The PR guy was tapping me on the shoulder like “go stop,” but I was like, “No, I’m not going anywhere.”

The crazy thing about all this is that everyone thinks it’s funny… except me. Sometimes I am on the street and someone comes up to me and says: “Practice! Practice! And I’m like, “Can’t you be more original?” I’m a Hall of Famer, and all you can think about is this exercise thing, man? »

This time it’s confirmed: The memory is definitely painful for Iverson, for the two reasons he mentioned. Beyond the difficult period experienced on a personal level by the leader at the time, it clearly moves us to see some fans, especially among the younger generations, think of this famous tirade above all, as if it were the moment that defined his career. …

If you ever run into Allen Iverson, don’t talk to him about “practice.” Instead, thank him for his many highlights, his contribution to NBA culture, and the inspiration he provided to all young basketball players of modest stature. And it will be much better that way.

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