Serious incident of Chris Paul in Dallas

In addition to his game against the Mavericks this Sunday night, Chris Paul especially had to handle a serious incident involving two opposing fans and his own family. The player has already reacted on social networks, and asks for sanctions. A story that is far from over.

While Phoenix had a nice lead in their series against Dallas, Luka Doncic and his teammates have already returned to the West, with a 111-101 win in Game 4. Jason Kidd can thank Dorian Finney-Smith, who scored 24 points, among them. 8 shots behind the arc. However, this match was marked by Chris Paul, who only played 23 minutes, due to 6 fouls. Your 5 points from him? No one talks about it, as there has been another incident.

Chris Paul’s huge anger after the incident!

During the game, two Mavericks fans got into an argument with CP3’s family. The latter is angry, since his mother and his wife have been victims, all in front of his own children. Dave McMenamin recounts the scene with a few sources, but obviously one can relate to Paul. Unsurprisingly, we imagine the leader will want severe sanctions.

A source familiar with Chris Paul’s tweet after Game 4 says Dallas fans laid hands on the player’s mother, and his wife was also pushed. To make matters worse, Paul’s children witnessed all of this. “They didn’t feel safe. »

We want to punish the players for saying things to the fans, but the fans have the right to put their hands on our families…Fuck it!

The Mavericks were quick to react in a press release after this incident and are obviously very shaken. They confirmed that security fired the two fans, while sanctions are expected to be issued in the coming hours. We get an angle on the end of the incident, with a very upset Paul, who promises fans to “find ’em later”:

” See you later ! “

Very upset after this incident, Chris Paul will ask for big penalties against these fans, and it’s quite normal. It remains to be seen how the Mavs will act, who will make a decision shortly, with the possibility of banishing the people in question for a long time, or even for life. This sad soap opera is not over yet.

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