“She is the most protected and least criticized star in history! »

LeBron James had a big flop this year, finding himself on vacation without being able to play in the playoffs. Hence, his haters take the opportunity to settle accounts with him and one of them literally knocked him out a few days ago.

Yes Kevin Durant excited since the Nets were swept in the first round against the Celtics, he can at least say he played the postseason. This is not the case for Lebron James, who had an extremely difficult season with the Lakers. While they had put together a superteam last summer, the Pourpres et Ors broke through with just 33 wins to 49 losses, the equivalent of a woeful 11th place in the West.

He may have put on a great show on the field with 30 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists on average, the winger couldn’t prevent his people from thrashing, having had to deal with some injuries himself throughout the year. Of course, these extenuating circumstances matter little in the eyes of the King’s haters, who have had a great time ever since. analyst of fox sportsSkip Bayless, in particular, went on a big tirade about him recently:

LeBron James excited by Skip Bayless

For me, LeBron James has been, throughout his career, the most overprotected and least criticized superstar I have ever seen. How can you defend Games 4, 5 and 6 against Boston in 2010, when his owner accused him of giving up and someone close to him said he needed to be sedated? How can you defend Games 4, 5 and 6, this meltdown against Dallas? in the final, it is simply impossible to defend.

How can you defend the last 3 minutes of regulation time in 2013? Completely collapsed, 3 turnovers in the last 3 minutes… In 2014 he was swept in the Finals by a record margin. I challenge anyone who goes to watch the videos of Games 3 and 4 in Miami and tell me what you don’t see about LeBron James.

There is also Game 6 in 2013! He did some LeBrick missing a game-winning 3-pointer, but it was a long rebound by Chris Bosh and a miraculous shot by Ray Allen that saved his legacy. Should have 7 Finals losses… In 2018, during Game 1 at Golden State, how to make up for what happened, passes the ball, misses the free throw, JR loses his mind, then LeBron walks out on his team in overtime .

The journalist was happy to cite countless not-so-glorious moments from the Chosen One in the playoffs, to illustrate his point, which, however, is anything but objective. In fact, Bayless has been known to be No. 6’s biggest detractor for a long time, which is why such a tirade isn’t surprising coming from him. L-Train fans will always be able to argue that despite what he says, his favorite player has four championship rings, quite an achievement for anyone.

Skip Bayless does not go out of his way to evoke the case of LeBron James, whom he considers overprotected. I’m not sure that’s true, since the King is always expected to do crazy things and he has never escaped criticism.

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