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We had the opportunity to interview Barbara Schett, a former Austrian tennis player and today the voice of Eurosport, ahead of the next Roland Garros.

We depart in a very chivalrous way from women’s tennis and the great rise of Iga Swiatek, Barbara’s number one favorite right now. “She forgot how to lose. She won 28 games in a row and when everyone wondered how she would handle the pressure of having found the number one legacy in her hands and instead she managed to draw strength from this situation and believe in herself even more. Iga is well on her way to dominating women’s tennis like Barthy did just before her.”

Then we went to men’s tennis and the new name, and possible surprise in Paris, could only be Carlos Alcaraz. “It’s amazing how much he grew and how quickly he grew. The power that he expresses, the strength of him, his agility in his movements seem to take tennis to another level. Above all, Ferrero did an exceptional job mentally with him. Also, I am convinced that Alcaraz can finally push the generation of youngsters that preceded him to do better, like the Tsitsipa and the Medvedev.”

But despite everything, even Barbara can’t help but consider Djokovic and Nadal the true favorites of the tournament. “Rafa can never be ruled out. He is having some physical problems but he is still the king of clay and Paris is his favorite tournament. He will do everything possible to be able to compete, despite the pain that has hit him. We hope that he can play without pain. Djokovic, for his part, has only played three tournaments, but he is a player who needs games to find his rhythm and after the victory in Rome he reiterated how good he felt. And if Nole says that he feels great…”

For the Austrian commentator it will be exciting to see so many generations facing each other in this slam: “We have Rafa and Nole, we have the generation of Tsitsipas, Zverev and Medvedev and Alcaraz. It will be a spectacle for all of us.”

Finally, we couldn’t help but ask him about us Italians and what he thought of Sinner (especially since Berrettini is currently standing in the pits) in light of the fact that victories against the best players are yet to come and injuries follow one. another, leaving us still wondering if we are not by chance experiencing an illusion. “Sinner is a tough guy. But he still needs to get athletic and add muscle mass. Let’s give him time, also for him to get used to his new team. After all, all tennis players develop at different speeds and today’s tennis is not a sprint but a marathon and I am sure that he will soon be able to find a way to get back into the top 10.”

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