Soccer. The NFL fines Green Bay and Rodgers: the quarterback lied about the vaccine

“I’m immunized,” said last season’s MVP at the start of the season. Instead, he had not been vaccinated, but only underwent homeopathic treatment. And the controversy is raging in the US.

The NFL has finally woken up. Outside of his hibernation, perhaps due to public protests at the deafening silence of Commissioner Roger Goodell at the news of Aaron Rodgers’ false statements about his lack of vaccination against Covid. The American professional soccer league ultimately fined the Green Bay Packers $300,000 and quarterback and teammate Allen Lazard $14,650.

Both have in fact broken the anti-contagion regulations, not having worn the mask during press conferences and having participated in a Halloween party (it is forbidden to be in groups of more than 3 people if you are not vaccinated). Additionally, cameras inside the Packers training center filmed him several times without a mask. The figure, very modest if we think that Aaron will pocket around 25 million euros for the 2021 season in salary alone, was agreed between the NFL and the players’ union before the start of the championship.


Rodgers in the middle of last week had announced his positivity, thus having to admit that he had never received any type of vaccine. Earlier in the season he had actually lied to the press, or at least given an answer that he led everyone to believe he was vaccinated: “Yes, I am immunized,” he said. Vague term. He now he explained, using the usual non-vax rhetoric, without declaring himself as such: “No one can tell me what to inject into my body. I used homeopathic treatments to strengthen my immune system.” In an interview broadcast in recent days, he then insisted, citing (incorrectly) even Martin Luther King, which was not well received by African Americans: “I would like to add one thing: as the great Mlk said, we have a moral obligation to rebel against unfair rules that have no logic.” The press attacked him harshly: “He is selfish, self-centered and arrogant. He thinks that the world revolves around him and that the rules apply only to others,” wrote Usa Today (which also dismantled sentence by sentence his inaccurate statements about the vaccine), an opinion shared by the vast majority of the US media.


Evidently now Rodgers has become the champion of Trumpiani, without a mask and without vaccinations of America, most of whom reside in the southern states and not in Wisconsin, which has been a Democrat for years although with numbers very close to 50- fifty. While the “dem” demonize it. “I know that now my position will be politicized,” Rodgers said, “but I don’t give a damn. That’s not why I’m doing it, it’s not my goal.” On the court, without last season’s MVP, the Packers lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, with his replacement, Jordan Love, a fish out of water. In the summer, Rodgers had argued with management, even threatening to quit, before showing up to training camp. During the first press conference he had zeroed in on the franchise: “Do you think free agents come here because they like the city or the weather? No, they come to play with me.” Meanwhile, Prevea Health, a Wisconsin health care company, terminated its contract with Rodgers. We will see if, given the collapse in popularity, other sponsors follow. The quarterback will have to remain stationary until Saturday. If by that day the swabs they do are all negative, theoretically (but also in practice since the team left without him…) he could return to the field on Sunday against Seattle.

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