Sonya Curry talks cash about her bloody divorce

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Last summer was marked by the unexpected divorce between Dell and sonia Curry, the most famous fathers in the NBA. And if the rumors on this subject were numerous, no one had been clearly expressed in the media. It’s done, with a cash interview with Sonya.

Sonya Curry is perhaps the best-known mother in the NBA, following her two sons’ careers on two of the league’s biggest teams. Since her rise to the top of the Warriors in the mid-2010s, she is often filmed in the stands, especially during the playoffs, where she talks nonstop about the exploits of the older Stephen, alongside the her husband Dell.

Unfortunately, these images belong to the past, since the two parents separated during a much publicized divorce. Furthermore, if the reasons for this separation are not confirmed, the rumors are not necessarily glorious, with strong suspicions of infidelity on both sides… Necessarily very shocked, the Chief would even have taken a position on the file.

Steph Curry, pillar of his mother during the divorce

Almost a year after the announcement of this divorce, tongues are beginning to loosen in the family and Sonya is quite open to questions related to this painful episode. During a passage through the Tamron ShowShe explained in particular how her children helped her improve and how she managed to pass this test without being overwhelmed by all the articles on this topic.

At first I was very sad about the situation because I know it hasn’t been easy for anyone. Divorce is difficult because we are not used to causing pain to others. I had to find a way to take this pain away. But on the other hand, I was happy to see that all the love we were able to give our children manifested during this ordeal.

Today it is my three children who return the favor. All the love I put into them is coming back to me right now. I managed to get over the media frenzy, as for years I got used to not buying the paper when Dell played. One day people love you, the next they hate you. I tried to practice what I taught my children and not worry about other people’s opinions.

Sonya Curry was very shocked by this divorce, because she knew very well that she was hurting her children. Fortunately, the latter responded to this announcement by giving her parents lots of love, proof of a perfectly successful upbringing. And if the season ends with a title for the Warriors, there’s no doubt that everyone will come together to celebrate.

Although the parents are no longer together, the Curry family remains strongly united by love. Visibly, Steph, Seth and Sydel responded in the best possible way to this painful separation that could have destroyed everything.

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