Sorare lands in American baseball | Agreement with the MLB

world of sport and crypto world increasingly linked. And this time the jump was made by a project, So weird, born precisely to integrate the great charm of sport with blockchain systems. Having become extremely popular in the football industry, the group now also lands in the USA with the MLB.

MLB which, we add for those who do not follow the world of baseball, is the most important league in USA with regard precisely to baseball and consequently the richest and most envied in the world. A very important blow therefore for So weirdthat will apply your system gaming to a league that is very popular in the USA how much abroad

After football, Sorare also wins baseball

One more collaboration, as we said at the beginning, between the world of blockchain and sports. From Italy to the USA, passing through the main football and non-European leagues and now also in Baseballwhile something also moves in the nba world. But let’s see what’s happening from So weird why concern baseball and how it will change the perspective of this incredible system.

From Fantasy Football to Fantasy Baseball: Sorare Conquers America

And it is a very interesting passage, since for the first time the group of So weird will expand your vision beyond football, having already incorporated it into your system 245 clubs among the most prestigious in Europe and the world. All within a system similar to fantasy football which already has a good following and which represents perhaps one of the most successful experiments to play on string.

The announcement came yesterday directly from MLBconfirmed the agreement with So weirdan association that will launch the first NFT play precisely with this system, with a contract that makes the two companies long-term partners.

The connection between Americans and baseball goes back a long way. And baseball has always been the frontier of new technology and innovation. We are delighted that the MLB and MLBPA have chosen Sorare to offer NFT games globally.

This is the comment of Nicholas Juliawho is co-founder of Sorare and CEO of the group, who obviously committed himself in the first person with an agreement of this magnitude.

MLB has been at the frontier of interactive gaming for decades, while baseball is one of the oldest and most recognized systems of sports collectibles. Together they show how much fans want to own in relation to the game itself. Today, as the system digitally evolves, our partnership will help more fans connect with America’s past.

This is the comment instead of MLBwith which we can only agree, given that although it is not as popular in EuropeAmerican baseball actually has a veritable cult following that has developed around it, from the stickers to the cards to the in-game items.

Another big blow for Sorare, which is confirmed as one of the most important companies in the blockchain and gaming sector

While the world of gaming up block chain is perhaps in its year zero, So weird already confirmed the possibility rely on these new technologies to deliver simply unique gaming experiences.

Gaming experiences that, with this agreement, also come out of european borders and go fishing for a world, the USA of baseball, with richer fans and more accustomed to spending on souvenirs and collectibles for trade.

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