Spencer Dinwiddie drops boiling goal joke ahead of Game 7!

As the Mavs and Suns battle it out this Sunday night for a spot against the Warriors in the conference finals, tensions continue to rise unabated. And Spencer Dinwiddie’s latest statement will only fan the embers of this confrontation…

This time, there it is. After a captivating series, Dallas and Phoenix will be separated by the legendary Game 7 drill on Sunday-Monday night. The advantage seems to be tilting slightly towards the Suns, excellent in the regular season and who will have the advantage of playing at home in an overheated room. The Mavs have won 3 of the last 4 meetings in the series and can believe in this qualification for the conference finals, which would sound like a resounding achievement.

To achieve this, there is no secret: Luka Doncić It will be necessary to take out a game of very high flights. Excellent in this start to the playoffs despite a slight awkwardness, the Slovenian is still in a gargantuan Game 7 with 46 points and 14 assists against the Clippers last year. The defeat had been at the end, of course, but the former Real Madrid are much better surrounded this year, especially with Spencer Dinwiddie.

Spencer Dinwiddie sends a hard tackle to Devin Booker

Very good in Jason Kidd’s system since his arrival from Washington at the deadline, “Dino” introduced himself to the press before the big night. The opportunity for him to praise Luka Magic, as he slides a guided missile in Devin Booker’s direction:

These kinds of games are the moments we live for. Of course, we know that Phoenix went 64-18 in the regular season and they’ll be home in a hostile environment for us.

But you know, I think they say that Game 7 is always on the side of which team has the better player. This is our case in this series.

While the past two weeks have been marked by clashes and clashes between Doncic and Booker in a context of rivalry and battle for the best player crown, Dinwiddie clearly seems to have chosen his side.

Objectively speaking, the Slovenian has been the better and more consistent of the two All-Stars in this series. The Suns’ defense is certainly developing at a high level on both ends of the field, but it has repeatedly run into offensive difficulties, especially since a certain Frank Ntilikina was sent to him in the shorts by Jason Kidd. Luka fulfills his role as conductor and writes history day after day. The proof :

Good morning.

No player in NBA history has gone 30-6-6 in his entire playoff career.

Luka Doncic is currently running at 33-9-9.

Figures, statements and assumptions will no longer be worth anything at the stroke of two in the morning, when the two teams face each other in this “go win or go home” that promises to be exceptional. Long life!

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