Steph Curry and the Warriors at the center of an embarrassing conspiracy?

On the brink of playing Game 3 in Memphis, Golden State took a vicious accusation to the face. A famous analyst cried like this with the scandal of Steph Curry & co… He also did not spare the league, stating that it was influenced by social networks.

Bad luck for the Warriors, they will have to do without Gary Payton II for several weeks. The latter, in fact, found himself in the sick bay after his elbow fracture during the Game 2 loss against the Grizzlies, which severely handicapped them against ha morant (47 points) and others. The foul he had suffered against Dillon Brooks had also been so visually violent that Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr had exploded at a press conferencecalling for severe punishment.

The Dubs have also won their case after the NBA, as delivered its verdict with a game suspension for the guilty. However, this decision was not to the liking of all observers, especially Skip Bayless, who has maintained from the start that it was not even a level 1 flagrant foul. Clearly frustrated, he did not hesitate to yell foul on Twitter, framing AdamSilver. and company :

Skip Bayless furious over Dillon Brooks suspension

The NBA makes me sick. He collapsed under pressure from social media to “do the right thing” and wrongfully suspend Dillon Brooks. Obviously, he also wants — NEEDS — the beloved Steph Curry to go deep in the playoffs, not a rising team like Memphis. Congratulations to the league, Twitter owns and manages it.

According to the analyst, the league would have thus yielded to popular demand, while making sure to make things easier for the Chief and his teammates because they have practically been the standard bearer of it for years, thanks to their dynasty. A rather serious accusation, although we doubt that it is really founded. Bayless may not want to admit it, but Brooks’ foul on the Hall of Famer’s son was dangerous and severe punishment was inevitable.

Plus, even if the wingman won’t be dressed for Game 3 at home in Memphis, there’s no guarantee the task will be easy for the Baymen. The Bears showed it by winning the last game, they are hot and they will fight until the end. Over it, the loss of Payton II practically forces the Kerr gang to pull off a feat. In other words, all the conditions for easy success are far from being fulfilled.

Skip Bayless did not like the NBA’s ruling on the Dillon Brooks case, calling it a conspiracy. I’m not sure a lot of people agree with him, especially if the Grizzlies win tonight.

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