Steph Curry cashes in for LeBron James and Kevin Durant

Qualified for the second round of the playoffs, where he will face Ja Morant and the Grizzlies, Stephen Curry is impatient for the break. Unfortunately for him, he won’t have the joy of facing Kevin Durant, or even LeBron James. What does the star think? She talked about it.

For the first time since 2019, the Warriors have won a playoff series. A habit a few years ago for this franchise, but everything happens very quickly in the ruthless world of the NBA. steph curry That is why he did not hide his joy: he is happy to reach this second round, after some galleys in Golden State. Front opponent? Ja Morant’s Grizzlies, who will be willing to give it their all on the pitch.

Suffice to say, it’s not a win for the rest of the competition for the Dubs, who will have to practice some good basketball to hope to get through. At least GSW isn’t facing the Lakers from Lebron James, which should change Curry a bit. The latter used to cross the same path as the King in the past, especially with the Cavaliers, but superstars are rare during this postseason.

Steph Curry reacts to the NBA’s big change

LeBron is not with the Lakers, and the same goes for Kevin Durant, eliminated with his Nets in the first round. Worst ? A sweep, a sweep against the Celtics, that was really unexpected. If the Celtics are impressive, we still think Brooklyn could take a game. But like Jayson Tatum, youth is taking over, to which Curry reacted.

That’s a bit of everything, the NBA continues to grow with the arrival of young players. Like a little bit at the time with Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, guys who wanted to extend their bonus, but had to manage the youth and the other teams. It is a natural evolution of things. But these guys, LeBron, KD, they’re coming back. They will not disappear with the setting of the sun.

For Curry, nothing abnormal in this evolution. The players, the stars are getting older, while the youngsters are trying to take over. Jayson Tatum is the perfect example, as is Ja Morant, who will be right in front of Steph Curry this Sunday night in Game 1 between the Warriors and Grizzlies. But the Boss has no intention of leaving his place, and he intends to extend his bonus as long as possible.

With his versatile shot, Steph knows he will remain a danger to this league for a long time, granting him some longevity. But obviously, and seen his great physical change, Curry is ready for combat for years to come. A modification that will appeal to the Dubs, who want to see their star be aggressive on the court, towards the circle. We can say that it is successful.

No LeBron James? Kevin Durant? No problem for Steph Curry, who is aware that the NBA is changing around him. It’s a natural evolution for the NBA, especially when you see the talent coming into this league. This one is in good hands.

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