Super Bowl Nfl: Mahomes leads the great comeback, title for the Kansas City Chiefs, 50 years later

The courage, fearlessness, stubbornness and talent of a young quarterback brought the Kansas City Chiefs the Super Bowl 50 years later. Patrick Mahomes reacts with quality and pride when he seems to have ruined everything with two bad passes and as many interceptions.

From then on you can no longer make mistakes and you can no longer make mistakes. Nothing to do for the glorious San Francisco 49ers who, with a ten-point advantage, see the dream of returning to the top of the world vanish in the last fifteen minutes of the game. A beautiful, exciting and intense match until the end. Bravo Mahomes for reacting to his own mistakes. Garoppolo, the quarterback of Italian origin (Abruzzo), with a great third quarter of the game, thought that he had achieved it. But the Chiefs, as they had in the previous two playoff games, know how to bounce back. And they did. Very well. Ultimately, Mahomes made the difference when there was a dire need for something special for the Chiefs. Garoppolo, no.

Mahomes in Lorenzo Ruggiero’s design for Repubblica, colors by Massimo Rocca

Trump’s gaffe

President Triumph he immediately congratulated the Kansas City Chiefs on the victory. He didn’t waste a moment. He tweeted: “Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for a great game and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You have represented the Great State of Kansas and indeed the entire United States very well. Our Country is proud of you.” your”. ! “Great, too bad the team is based and plays in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas.” The tweet was quickly deleted and replaced with a corrected version of the same message. “Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game and a fantastic comeback under tremendous pressure,” it reads. “We are proud of you and the Great State of Missouri. You are true champions!”

The chronicle of the Miami final

The tense faces of Mahomes and Garoppolo betray the importance of what is at stake. The Chiefs’ attack stops immediately. The Niners seems to work right away. The San Francisco quarterback finds Kittle. Then it is Samuel who closes the first attempts that lead the Bay team into a very dangerous area. But Garoppolo launches an uncertain trajectory and only has to materialize with a triple by Gould. SF opens Super Bowl scoring.

Travis Kelce (afp)

The Kansas City offensive team is back on the field. And this time it reveals its sample of possibilities. Mahomes and Hill are a perfect match. Kelce a security. Williams runs very well and the touchdown stops him at nothing. The young quarterback from KC takes it upon himself to run the TD. Kick ok and Chiefs flying 7 to 3.

Damian Williams (afp)

San Francisco seems to blame the moment. And at the opening of the second quarter comes the Garoppolo tortilla. Under pressure, with the linebackers on, he decides to throw anyway. Bad bad. Well, very well for the defense of the Chiefs who, with Breeland, take possession of the ball. An interception that can already direct the game.

We are in an important moment. But the SF defense manages to limit the damage to just three points (field goal scored by Butker). However they extend 10 to 3 but the game is still alive, there is only one detachment td.

Relieved, the Niners go berserk. With a mix of running and throwing with Mostert finally starting to run as he knows how, early downs are falling off. Garoppolo shoots well for Samuel and then for Juszczyk who turns it into a pin at td. Football ok and San Francisco catches the Chiefs again: 10-10.

Jimmy Garoppolo (afp)

Kansas City still hasn’t broken through, the San Francisco defense seems to have found the right remedies for this varied and unpredictable Mahomes-fueled touchdown machine. With little on the clock until the end of the second quarter SF tries to close the lead but a Kittle penalty cancels everything. The first half ends. Ten for everything. The Super Bowl is about to be played.

We leave with Garoppolo who immediately finds Samuel. Which is unleashed thanks also to tight end Kittle’s formidable blocks. No receiver has played as much in a Super Bowl as he has. Jimmy G looks like another good pitch for Juszczyk. Another first try. The 49ers have a “creative” playbook and at this stage it seems difficult to predict their moves for the Chiefs. They react. The Niners decide to kick three. Gould is perfect, SF leading 13-10 in the opening of the second half, but it was a play that promised more for them.

Mahomes finds Watkins. And on a third and six, the duo still combine for a crucial first down. The qb grabs the ball too much, Bosa takes it from him, risks a sensational fumble but then recovers the ball. But the big mess is just around the corner. The Kansas City quarterback attempts a long pass to Hill. He ends up right in the safe hands of Warner of the 49ers. An interception that can be very, very important at this point. If San Francisco scores…

Sammy Watkins (afp)

Garoppolo for Samuel, okay. Fifth reception for the Niners’ wide receiver, along with many productive runs. The qb finds Bourne for a very heavy first down. Now Jimmy G is safe and Juszczyk is nowhere near td. That makes the Mostert sprinter. Soccer on sign. San Francisco tries to escape, leading ten lengths 20-10 with two minutes and 35 seconds left in the third quarter.

Mahomes is called to react. He suffers and fights. In a dramatic third try, he keeps his attack alive with his reckless and slightly crazy run. With a trick, snapping directly at tight end Kelce, leading to a first down, he closes out the third half. Fifteen minutes left between the teams and the Super Bowl trophy…

Here we are in the final phase. Willimas invents feints and fakes to gain valuable yards. The third sack comes from Mahomes, who then runs back to try to keep KC’s hopes and attack lit. But the second interception arrives. The qb pulls too far back with respect to Hill who touches the ball and, in fact, gives it to Moore who, for his part, is very good at launching himself on the ball and holding it. A very serious mistake and, if SF adds another six points, probably decisive.

Jimmy Garoppolo in Lorenzo Ruggiero’s drawing

If it’s not a match ball, we’re close to the 49ers. Mostert gains 7 yards. Then Kittle gets depressed. But the drive doesn’t close, KC keeps the game open. There are just under nine minutes left and anything can still happen. The match ball was not made.

The Chiefs, however, absolutely must score at this point. Mahomes performs a miracle on a third down finds Hill free and wide and the touchdown isn’t far off. Niners defense error. A foul by the 49ers defense puts Kansas City in a great position. This time Mahomes is not wrong and takes Kelce out. Goal kick: Niners 20, Chiefs 17. Open game with six minutes and thirteen seconds left. Now any result is possible. Kansas City is alive.

SF starts again. But the attack stalls and the Niners have to go clear. Five minutes and ten seconds. The Chiefs can take the lead.

The joy of the Caciques (afp)

Mahomes is in complete confidence. He leads his team within yards of the td with a nice pass to Watkins. with a throw
for Williams Kansas City beats the Niners. The game is reviewed because the player seems to have gone out of bounds. The referees confirm the touchdown. The TD transforms. We are 24-20 for KC with 2 minutes and 44 seconds left.

Jimmy G is called to the company. Mostert starts like a rocket for a first try. Then somersaults and limited gains. She seems desperate for the Niners. A pitch is not hit by Sanders. Fourth down is played. Garoppolo is plated. It’s over. The Chiefs just have to run the last few seconds to become champions. Fifty years later.

But they are not satisfied. And Williams gives them the touchdown (with an additional point) from 31 to 20. For a deserved success. For statistics alone, Fuller’s interception on Garoppolo’s last no-morrow pitch counts. Finally, trainer Andy Reid smiles, a long and happy career that almost ended without much success. Finally the night of Miami arrived. In Mahomes the title of MVP, best player in the final.
Super Bowl
KANSAS CITY Chiefs 31 San Francisco 49ers 20
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