Super league like MLS: that’s why it’s not

There Super League like MLS. What is the comparison? Although our pages talk about football, stars and stripes and ‘mericaa comparison in our beloved Italian language, means to compare two things or two people to judge their similarities, differences or to recognize the value of one over the other.

Why am I telling you some elementary school trivia? Because the bomb European football in the Super League these days, shattered faster than expected, had caused real compare to the American sports system, without paying attention to the American mentality and sports culture at all. Several times in these frenetic days we have read the “as they already do in the United States”, addressed to the five major leagues, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and our MLS. Many questions and curiosities that reached us by private mail on social networks to understand how the future of this new project could have been. But basically all of that meant nothing.


The American system, regardless of monetary importance, is very similar for all five leagues. So we, who deal with the round ball, will mainly talk about that. The comparison dies in the bud, because the clubs of super league First of all, they would have received a bonus of about 400 million dollars each just for participating in the competition. In MLS, however, the team that wants to enter the league must pay and, not only that, it must also present a remodeling project -or construction- of the stadium defined as soccer specific stadium. East expansion feehas grown over time from $20 million for the Chicago Fire and Miami Fusion in 1998 to $200 million Austin and InterMiami in 2018, up to 325 million paid by charlotte in 2019.


The same thing happens in other leagues: in the NFL the Houston Texans paid an expansion fee of 700 million dollars to be the 32nd franchise twenty years ago and in the NHL, in 2017 the Vegas Golden Knights paid 500 million dollars. Las Vegas was the subject of what is a classic American process, the so-called relocationnamely actual move of the team to another city, or rather, in another market. The Raiders originated from Oakland, after years of coming and going from Los Angeles and back to Oakland they went to the city of sin, attracted by a more flourishing market – another fundamental word of the American system. So think that if this happened to your favorite team, it would be emotionally devastating. AC Milan of Berlin; Juventus of Lisbon; Glaswegian Inter. Strange huh, for us.


Another important section that is not comparable is the dear old Salary cap translated, salary cap which is basically the budget that each team has available each year for the roster, announcement made DP exception (Designated Player), the 3 players on the roster who can do some crazy stuff beyond that ceiling, especially Cincinnati’s recent Brenner case. In the other leagues there is no DP, also because, for now, their salary ceiling is much higher and “foreigners” are usually brought to Droughtwhich is an integral part of the growth of the deductible, while in mls It has a lower technical value, so the process is more European with the birth of the different academies.

in a can super league where clubs exceed one billion euros in value, as in the case of Manchester City and Liverpool, they have a the salary cap would have been very difficult to manageespecially with a budget that can vary depending on the country of origin and with the one already available, so there would always be a disparity, albeit small, in the presence of clubs with a much lower value.

Money aside, a lot, you have to let the pitch do the talking, having the possibility of having many top teams playing every week in the collective imagination is fantastic, but comparing it to an American regular season is not entirely correctbecause every year there are teams, not necessarily always the same ones, that fight to win, teams that fight for the playoffs and teams that fight for wildcardthat is, the last places available for the postseason and there are more moments left smooth of the season where the champions stay on the bench to recover energy and there is little show.


Of course, and I quote the classic, “there are no declines“This is due to the fact that in American football to date there is a very large monetary gap between the MLS teams and the USL Championship teams (American second division), due to the aspect that I mentioned before about the fee, a A team that spends two hundred million to play at the highest level in the nation would take an incredible loss to move down to a division where the highest fee is 1/10 (a tenth) of theirs.

Nevertheless the American culture of work, sporting and competitive, does not accept surrendereven in the worst seasons, you enter the field to win and for the fans, It does not matter that! I mean, in European culture and in the history of European football, I the merits of a victory or the demerits of a defeat are very strong values therefore, to think that the players go out onto the field of play to play and try to win without suffering (sporting) consequences in the event of defeat would be a very important aspect to digest the fans.

Therefore this idea must be reformed and sought in the Old Continent, in its own culture and not in overseas sports. Whatever the direction, be it a super league or a champions cup.

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