Super Wild Card Weekend 2021 Sunday Recap – USA

Our playoff Sunday began at 19 Italian with the visit of the Philadelphia Eagles to Tampa Bay, the reign of the defending champions: there was no anecdote in particular, the Buccaneers got rid of the Eagles with a 31 to 15 that at first glance could almost be considered a misleading result since it could not summarize the supremacy of the hosts.
I think it’s enough to describe the game by highlighting the fact that at one point the Buccaneers, after an excellent 36-yard touchdown run by Mike Evans, went 31-0: however, let me tell you, for a few drives the Buccaneers’ defense The Eagles also managed to hold off the Tom Brady-led department reasonably well.
After the dizzying start in Tampa Bay that allowed them to close the first quarter 14-0, the game had also become interesting thanks to a couple of sacks in the third down absorbed by Tom Brady: Philadelphia, however, could not move the strings consistently and the only time the drive did, it ended with an unfortunate interception by Hurts just outside the red zone.

In Tampa Bay, it took a couple of minutes to close it out in which he first went 24-0 thanks to another touchdown thrown by Brady and received by Gronkowski followed by a magnificent interception by Shaq Barrett that preceded Evans’ deadly touchdown. : From then on, Tampa Bay played the time trial based heavily on racing.
The touchdowns of Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell were useless, the hole in which the Eagles threw themselves was too deep, the attack for about three quarters could not sustain fruitful drives.
Very good victory for the Buccaneers, even if the conditions of the right tackle, the professional Tristan Wirfs, are worrying: the magnificent lineman has remedied an ankle injury that has effectively thrown him out of the contest, even if at one point he tried to return to the field, proving his absolute importance in the Tampa Bay offensive line.
Without him to ensure adequate protection, in fact, Brady has been hit and hit repeatedly by the opponent’s pass rush – we’ll have to watch closely for updates throughout the week.

The best game of the week, barring head-to-head surprises between Cardinals and Rams, it was staged in Arlington where the San Francisco 49ers stripped the Dallas Cowboys: 23 to 17 the final score an extremely close-knit and well-played game, despite a large number of penalties.

The ‘Niners’ start was almost perfect because with the brilliance that distinguishes an attack by Shanahan Garoppolo and his associates they concluded the first drive of the game in the end zone thanks to a touchdown by the never properly celebrated Elijah Mitchell.
Dallas, on the spot, didn’t seem to be able to emulate the opponent’s brilliance as their first two drives fizzled out fairly quickly with punts that allowed the ‘Niners to set their own pace on the contest: San Francisco’s subsequent possessions. they were only partially exploited through a couple of spotless spots by Gould, who first from 53rd and then from 40th brought the score to 13-0.
With his back dangerously close to the wall, Dallas unleashed a near-perfect drive that culminated in a magnificent rainbow from Prescott that was met by Cooper in the back of the end zone: 13 to 7.
San Francisco, unimpressed by the rival’s reaction, added another three points to its account with a 52-yard field goal that made it 16-7 for the guests with whom they would go to the locker room in a few minutes. .

After a punt exchange here is the episode that could define Dallas’ season.
Forced to move the chains through the air on the 2nd and 28th, Prescott finds the hands of K’Waun Williams for an interception that returns possession to the ‘Niners near the red zone — a touchdown here could be worth half a game.
Shanahan decides to save and gives the handoff to his best player, Deebo Samuel, who crashes in the right lane and instantly gives his teammates the touchdown from 23 to 7: for Dallas now the situation is almost desperate, especially if the next disk is considered to have gone out in the saddest possible way, that is to say with a three and out.

San Francisco, stopwatch in hand, managed to gnaw a couple of minutes before returning possession to the rivals who, despite a few extra penalties, begin to move the chains with the desperation of a team aware of not having many more opportunities. : also due to a game lagDallas had to settle for a tricky 51-yard shot that made it 23-10.
For Garoppolo and his partners at this point it is essential to win a couple of first downs, sign three or four minutes from the clock and, if necessary, return the oval to Dallas in a bad position on the pitch: the important thing is to avoid the rotation… interception by Garoppolo.

Galvanized by the chance to start the drive just a hundred feet from the promised land, five plays were enough to bring the hosts’ offensive department back under possession as the impatient Prescott signed up for the touchdown of the game with a sizable run. 23 to 17: we have a match.
San Francisco moves the chains calmly, time passes and Shanahan begins to feel the taste of victory in his mouth, he just keeps taking first and ten: Vander Esch, on 3 & 5, stops Samuel one yard from the yellow line and Dallas, with about three minutes remaining on the clock, has a chance to give their opponents the lead.

The drive of truth begins in the best way thanks to a 38-yard reception from Schultz that nevertheless represents the only gain of their offensive series, since between sacks and incomplete the hosts are forced to return the ball to San Francisco: Dallas still has it all. three timeouts though.
After a couple of penalties, Samuel is once again stopped a yard from the winning first down: Shanahan, aware of Garoppolo’s brilliance on the quarterback’s scramble, puts the game in the hands of his quarterback who moves the chains without difficulty, but then had the first attempt taken away due to a penalty called against Trent Williams.
Punt, then.

Dallas has 32 seconds to cover eighty yards and, using the sideline, starts marching down the field a dozen yards at a time.
With 14 seconds to go and forty yards to separate them from the potential winning touchdown — the extra point would have been necessary, anyway — here’s the most inexplicable call of the week and, perhaps, the year: Instead of attempting a pair of Hail Mary, Prescott gets the ball under his right arm and ventures into an unlucky quarterback draw that takes them to 24 in San Francisco allowing the clock to go to three zeros.
I will talk to you tomorrow morning about the health of the losing teams, but let me tell you that what happened is totally unacceptable, in any case you cannot decide to resort to a run in such a situation: why not gain the same yards throwing? into a receiver ready to run off the floor?
Why keep the clock “live” when every second is the difference between another chance and an early end to your playoff journey?
Ah, Mike McCarthy…

We conclude our short trip with a visit to the Steelers in Kansas City, Missouri: Although the 42-21 finish leaves little to the imagination, it wasn’t that easy for the Chiefs to get rid of the Steelers.
For more than a quarter, in fact, Mahomes and his teammates appeared out of sync, struggling terribly to move the chains and committing a couple of turnovers: a gross mistake by the award-winning firm Hardman-Williams transformed a creative reading option in the tragedy that allowed TJ Watt to take control of the oval and drive it back into the end zone for the first touchdown of the night.
From that moment, however, there was no game.

The Chiefs, furious and finally motivated, concluded the next three drives in the end zone, giving Pittsburgh no way of realizing what was happening: 21-7, just like that, out of the blue.
Dressing rooms.
The second half resumes exactly as the first half ended, that is, with three consecutive Chiefs touchdowns that set the score at 42-14 – while Diontae Johnson also scored – a passive that this version of the Steelers attack is not. no way. able to remount.
Next week against Buffalo Bills Mahomes and his teammates will not be able to repeat such a start, against Buffalo we will have to play “seriously” the sixty minutes: in a certain sense this victory reminded me very closely of the one against the Texans a couple of years ago of years, although unlike that occasion Kansas City was not forced to replace a responsibility of three possessions.

When these come on, though, there’s none for anyone — very curious to watch against the Bills seen on Saturday night.

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