“Superbowl, Nfl, Tom Brady my workouts”

Giorgio Tavecchio plays as a kicker and dreams of returning to the NFL: in the meantime, he reveals all his secrets

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– Milan

He commented on the Superbowl for Dazn and dreams of returning to the NFL. Giorgio Tavecchio, born in Milan in 1990 and with extensive experience in the highest category of world football, has revealed the secrets of his life between the field, food and training. But not only…

Let’s start with your workouts: how are they carried out?

“My training is divided into two periods: off-season and in-season. During the first, that is, outside the sports season, I go to the gym three times and three times to the field, training ball soccer between technique and details. When I work out in the gym I push a lot because I don’t need to be performing, I try to add muscle mass”.

What do you do specifically?

“Meanwhile, the work also depends on how the season that just ended went: everyone creates their own method based on the objectives. When I work out at the gym, I divide the work up into the lower body, upper body, and abdominal area. For the latter, I use exercises that I created with a yoga teacher from my university, Toni Mar: it is asymmetrical and balanced work. I must be a dancer with power. She was a fundamental figure: she was my teacher, after the first retreat she helped me recover from a torn groin. Work to put the abdominal, groin and oblique areas in difficulty. With these exercises I have found much more control of my body. The further I go, the more I see that these drills are helpful: they are not heavy and maintain the functionality of the kicker role.”

That is why it is essential, in addition to motivation, to also have competent people and a method.

“Exactly. Another important figure was Cody Smith, coach of San Diego: he created exercises using the resistance of the leagues that help strengthen the muscles. They are a challenge, since I have trained with him I feel that I have returned to the levels of 2017 / “I was 18, when I had a strong leg. Last year I was missing fifth gear, I had lost the right exercises.”

What are your goals now?

“Last year I played in Barcelona, ​​​​but the first target is the NFL: I am preparing auditions for this spring. All the teams are stopped, they are reassessing the players and testing others before signing them. So now I am training as if I were in pre-season, but pushing smart: I also have to think about the performance I will have to offer to try to snatch a contract from him.”

“I haven’t played football in years, at least ten. A sport that I would like to do in the future is cycling: I have done the Camino de Santiago twice by bicycle, although it was more of a competitive experience than a spiritual one. He swam from time to time: he did it a lot in the preseason before resuming, in the years he was under contract.

Do you follow any specific rules for nutrition?

“I eat healthy without conscious thought: I like things that are good for you, like fruits and vegetables. And I’m not crazy about sweets and candy. I don’t have to follow any special rules because the kicker’s life isn’t heavy from a fitness standpoint. The main problem is staying focused for many hours of play – big kickers are like a switch. It’s the only way to get through an entire game without going crazy.”

Is there a mental training for this?

“I do a lot of meditation and work on the electrical frequencies of the brain. By studying the brain, outsized frequencies can be identified and adjusted. I have many benefits on a personal level, it is a great job with oneself. And then there is a whole series of exercises to control breathing.”

Where is the football in Italy?

“For about ten years I have been supporting football in Italy and I have met groups of passionate lovers. I value this passion, it is what has surprised me the most: in Europe we play for passion. While in the USA, as there is a well-defined structure, it is difficult. In Italy I see 30-year-old lawyers play: there is more purity. That in America there is only until high school, after which either funds or soft. I think that football can grow in the interest of Italians because it asks everything about you and there is a strong team idea. It is a very physical sport, a fight of man against man. It is very reminiscent of the concepts of respect, trust, sacrifice.”

A comment on Tom Brady?

“I played against that once, I played in Oakland and the game was in Mexico, at the Azteca stadium. In the pre-game the kicker is the first person who enters the field to warm up, I was finishing when he passed near me. He made it to the opposite corner where the Patriots fans were. He pressed them and I felt a gravity towards him: it was as if I were an asteroid and I was attracted. I feel sorry for him because he would have liked to retire with the last drink in hand. In a podcast he said never say never. Someone like him deserves to decide when he retires.”

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