Tennis champion John McEnroe, against himself in the first virtual tennis match

John McEnroe has written memorable pages in the history of tennis. In fact, he has amassed 7 Grand Slam titles and was long number one in the world rankings during the 1980s.

John McEnroe, 5/9/2022 –

John McEnroe was also loved and at the same time hated for his decidedly exaggerated character between continuous arguments with the referees during matches and broken rackets, and for this he remained in the hearts of people and in particular tennis lovers. The 63-year-old German tennis player recently returned on the pitch to challenge… himself. ESPN+ has broadcast in recent hours a very particular single game in which John McEnroe challenged the virtual alter ego of himself, and the premiere was broadcast at 22:00, four of two nights ago in Italy. Curated by Michelob Ultra with Unit 9, it was the first challenge in which a virtual athlete challenged a real person, or vice versa, in particular the current John McEnroe, 63, against his young alter, the one who competed in the 80’s..


It was all possible thanks to a motion capture technique, Unreal Engine MetaHuman, machine learning and artificial intelligence, “In addition to the 5 avatars of the tennis player corresponding to 5 different moments of his career (1979, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1992)”, adds The video has a total duration of 45 minutes (a trailer can also be found on this page), and shows how the meeting was virtually reconstructed: on one side is the real McEnroe while on the other there is a series of cannons that launched the balls, later digitally replaced by the young tennis player. The final spectator, in fact, does not see the weapons but the eighties avatar of the German athlete.

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To make it more realistic, the authors of the video studied many images from the time of John McEnroe, to perfectly reconstruct their movements and the different shots made, including the mythical complaints with the referees. The one that is broadcast and you see on this page is just a preview, while for the full challenge we will have to wait this summer.

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