Tennis, from Monday on the court for women’s internationals

Brescia. The wait to see the protagonists of the great world tennis at the Castle was longer than expected, thanks to the pandemic that forced the 13th edition to be postponed twice. Tennis Strength and Constancy 1911 is ready to make his return to the ITF calendar with Brescia Women’s Internationals, again in the fascinating Cidneo stage from Monday, May 30 to Sunday, June 5, with the same $60,000 in prizes as in the past. They are confirmed as one of the most important Italian events in the entire circuit, in addition to representing a quality certification and the business card to bring many high-level players to the city. Just take a look at the entry list, headed by the Spanish (born in Switzerland) Rebeka Masarova, number 133 in the world with a past as a junior champion at Roland Garros. She is followed by the Swiss Ylena In-Albon, she has never been so close to the top 100 of the WTA ranking and is known in Brescia since for several years she has been one of the pillars of Bal Lumezzane, recently reinstated in the A1 Series Championship. But in addition to hers, the prominent names expected in the tournament led by Alberto Paris are many others, starting with Sara Errani, one of the four strongest Italian players of all time. La Romagna, former number 5 in the world and winner -between singles and doubles- of many of the most famous tournaments in the world, had already been to the Castle in 2019, without leaving a trace. She tries again three years later, eager to regain prominence among the protagonists of the WTA circuit.

Along with them, Federica Di Sarra (208 Wta) and Martina Di Giuseppe from Lazio already have a secure place in the main draw, in addition to the four blues who received wildcards. The FIT technical sector invited Camilla Rosatello and the young Melania Delai (born 2002) and Lisa Pigato (2003), while the organizers accepted the request of Elisabetta Cocciaretto, 21, from Marche, with a ranking – the number 157 – which will give you a place among the top seeds. All without forgetting the qualifiers: between Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st (with two games to win) they will distribute the last eight passes for the main draw and we will have to be attentive, because in the past it is precisely from there that the ride. of some of the great protagonists of the week. But also because they will immediately give the opportunity to review faces already known by the Brescia public: two above all, those of Deborah Chiesa and the Latvian Diana Marcinkevica, protagonists in 2019 of the longest semifinal in the history of the event, won by the second . after 3 hours and 27 minutes of battle (and three tie-breaks). But the women’s internationals of Brescia, like any self-respecting tennis tournament, live not only on the field, but also outside, thanks to the many collateral events scheduled in the hospitality village set up in the Castle. There will be something for all tastes and palates, to add even more charm to an event that year after year has been able to conquer more and more fans and sympathizers, becoming a basic element of Brescian sport.

Main cast: Elisabetta Cocciaretto, Melania Delai, Lisa Pigato, Camilla Rosatello.
Ratings: Diletta Cherubini, Angelica Raggi, Aurora Zantedeschi, Rubina De Ponti, Ekaterina Kislitsyna, Gloria Ceschi. Reserve: Verena Melissa.

Annamaria Capuzzi Beltrami, president of Tennis Forza e Costanza 1911
“We are finally back to normal, although I must admit that after two years we are a bit rusty. We are running for a while because we do not remember this intensity of work for the preparation in the smallest details of the tournament. First of all, I thank the Institutions both for their hospitality for the press conference and for their closeness even though the tournament had not yet reached such importance. I thank the club’s board of directors and all the collaborators who make it possible for this event to grow year after year. This year, a Poliambulanza Foundation stand will return to the hospital village where small projections will be held and half of the lottery that we will organize during the players’ party will be donated to the Esa Onlus association, which deals with the prevention of breast cancer . Because sport is prevention, like Poliambulanza and Esa. I hope to see you at the Castle, like every year, admission will be free and free”.

Valter Muchetti, councilor for urban regeneration of the Municipality of Brescia
“Going back to events I think is a great source of excitement and pride. The tennis tournament is not just a sporting event: it is the second international event in Brescia after the Mille Miglia, it is a very important showcase for our city. In addition to the tournament, the Forza e Costanza does a great promotional job, it pays a lot of attention to disability, so the value of this event is not only sporting. It is a social event, of solidarity, which in recent years has done a great job. That rust that the president is talking about is there, I also see it in other contexts, so this event has even greater value because it will open the way to other realities that at this moment are a little afraid of starting over. Thank you so much to the entire Forza and Costanza team and to the president, who as a good captain has been a sure guide even in these difficult years. Finally, I thank Fabrizio Benzoni who shares with me the proximity of the institutions to the tournament”.

Enrico Cerutti, President of the Lombardy Regional Committee of the Italian Tennis Federation
“I fully agree with President Capuzzi’s statements, organizing such an event is really important for the movement, in a historic club that is over a hundred years old. I am happy that the institutions give credit to the club for the effort they make to promote tennis. The Federation is obviously close to supporting the club and I invite everyone to come and watch the matches, even in the first days, when there will be the opportunity to admire the promises of our sport”.

Alberto Paris, tournament director
“From a technical point of view, our tournament is excellent and this year the level will be very high. The location of the Castle is one of the most incredible in the world, from an emotional point of view it is the added value and the ITF itself is always interested to see how we managed to organize this event in a similar context. For us it is a source of pride. I agree with President Cerutti in inviting you to also watch the matches of the first days of the tournament: sometimes the first rounds allow you to closely observe the players who will later be world-class and will step on the courts of the Slam tournaments. We remember for example Kaia Kanepi who after winning the Brescia Internazionali she was able to beat Simona Halep in New York before losing to Serena Williams. I thank the institutions, sports and non-sports, and the sponsors who work together with us every year to make this tournament more and more important”.

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