Tennis, in the playoffs Vado Ligure and Andrea Doria lose in the double playoff –

Two wins, one away from home, and one loss in the first leg of the men’s Series C playout; while there were two draws for the formations that were in the main draw that also recorded five wins.
In the draw for those trying to save themselves from relegation -three will return to D1 and the same number will remain in C-, the Genoese from Valletta Cambiaso led by captain Kevin Albonetti (1-5) beat Hanbury Alassio.

(Valletta Cambiaso tennis)

Between the Tennis Club Finale Ligure captain Alessandro Critelli and coach Imperia the latter won but Critelli recalled that there will be the second leg next week and they will be able to overcome the score and play the play-off.

The playout draw ends with Pegli drawing with Chiavari. These are the results of the tie: Demartino b. Caravelli 6/3, Hubs. Brunello 6/4, 6/2. Viganego b. Bludgeon 6/1, 6/7, 6/3. Bocardo B. Tanganelli 6/1, 7/6. Doubles: Brunello-Demartino b. Tanganelli hubs 6/4, 6/3. Viganego M. – Viganego N. b. Porrata-Bruzzo 6/1, 6/3144.

(Chiavari Tennis)

“There is a bitter taste in the mouth for having come one step away from victory – says Antonio De Pra, captain of Andrea Doria defeated in the play-off double by La Spezia Tennis Club – but I must say a good boy for all my boys that if I played it with everyone even if we were under the table with respect to the rivals”.

Another defeat in the double playoff for Sporting Club Vado Ligure against Pinamare: the latter shines to continue the race towards Serie B.
Sporting Genova had a level performance, against Break Point Savona, as Davide Favati said: “Today everyone played well. Benasso played against Emanuele Caravelli (7/6, 6/1) and Federico Gaio lost two games in straight sets against Bartolomeo Caravelli Between Rava and Carta after the 6/0 in favor of ours, the second ended well in the tiebreaker.Finally, the young Sanguineto, who lost to a former 2.7, Marcocci, won by the withdrawal of the rival who had a calf problem. Of course, the fact that Sanremo is waiting for us, means that we will risk being tarmacked. However, we will try.”

(Tennis Pinamare)

Park Genova makes a complete booty with the “A” team that beats Rapallo (2-4) while the second, at home, stops Pietra Ligure (4-2).
Cus Genova, to close the first leg in the playoffs, stopped Toirano de Capitan, Andrea Musa 4-2. And it is the second time that the two teams meet in the first playoffs.

“Fate has been adverse to us and we hope that it will not be any more – comments the president of Tc Gli Ulivi di Toirano – it is the second year that Cus touches us in the draw and immediately away from home, in the rapid. In any case, thanks to all the players and also our physical trainer of the season”.

(The Toiran Tennis)

For the record, Master Andrea Musa, a former professional who has faced the hundred of the world, in Toirano for more than a dozen years, has not lost a single singular and even took home his point yesterday, barely a few months after converting from the 50 candles.

We return to the field next week for the second leg both for those who want to try to get closer to Serie B and for those who, on the other hand, intend to avoid relegation.

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