Tennis, Internationals: the day of the Zeppieri fish, the McEnroe of Latina

ROME – To the roar, the apotheosis of Campo Pietrangeli, responded by raising his arms. As if he had scored a goal in the World Cup. Why did Giulio Zeppieri (boy born in 2001) come out to play the qualifiers due to the loss of his friend Lorenzo Musetti – in the stands to cheer him on – a loss that had triggered a chain process: Luca Nardi the wild card, Zeppieri the opportunity to grades), we said, I wanted to play football, a bit like all children. Instead, one day – he was still a child – he went with the school to the Capanno Tennis Club, a historic club in the province of Latina, on the outskirts of the capital-municipality, in that Borgo Piave which is a somewhat crucial union with the north of the territory in the direction of Rome. And there, beaten on the road to Damascus, a tennis player was born.

Giulio chose to follow his classmates from via Quarto. And Mr. Piero Melaranci, coach and deus ex machina of the club, had a good eye in understanding that this six-year-old boy could have fun and entertain people. And so he convinced Leone and Elisabetta, Zeppieri’s wives. “He was really good, and I’m happy I chose tennis.”

Giulio Zeppieri has earned a place on the board of Internazionali Bnl d’Italia. He beat American Cressy in a third set tie-break for strong and pure hearts, dazzling the Forum crowd. This day, this Sunday, Latina’s left-hander will not forget her, who, as she announced a promise, had slowed down her career a bit. While her friend Musetti has found her way.

To do this, he also had to change things. Like the collaboration of the technician responsible for the Federtennis Over 18 project, Umberto Rianna, and here is his recent thought: “Umberto followed my off-season with Piero. He is a helpful, friendly person and above all very good at what he does. We are training well, we will see what we will be able to pick up.” But the team now includes Stefano Barsacchi, the new physical trainer, and Lorenzo Beltrame as mental trainer. “In recent months we have been working a lot on explosive strength, so many The exercises were aimed at increasing it. Then we dealt with elasticity and resistance, in fact I started running a lot.”

Off the field, anyone who knows him knows that he shines with sympathy. Which does not deny anyone a smile. Who loves to joke around. Now he has also changed his look, with very long hair. “At first I just wanted to grow them out, then I saw Eren Yeager’s hair from the ‘Attack on Titan’ manga and then the goal became to have it like his.” And on social media he combined his image with Eren’s. His mantra is simple: “In tennis, confidence is very useful, but it is clear that to gain it you have to win matches: it is a bit like a dog that bites its own tail. In any case, regardless of the results, you should always work without getting discouraged, if you have the qualities and train well, your time will come in the end”. Maybe there we are.

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