Tennis Manager 2022 | Review – Outside the main draw

We have already said it on several occasions: tennis and video games, for a decade, no longer manage to unite in a happy and peaceful marriage. From top twist 4 Since then there have been attempts, but all have turned out not to be entirely successful, always leaving enthusiasts dry-mouthed. Waiting to know how it will be Matchpoint: Tennis Championshipsalso available in July on Game Passwe thoroughly tested Tennis Manager 2022.

Tennis Manager 2022

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May 17, 2022
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A couple of weeks ago, through an in-depth study that you can find at this link, we tell you how this directive could somehow mitigate the absence of simulations related to this magnificent sport. Before even trying it first-hand, we were hoping that the intrinsic characteristics of the genre, combined with the formula for success proposed by the much more famous football manager, could find the right space.

Today, after having seen in depth all the features of the game, we are here to tell you that unfortunately the mission did not go as well as we expected. While some good basic functionality is considered, there is still a lot of work to be done to reach significant heights; however, it should be added that the path taken is the correct one, but also quite inaccessible and not easy to cross.

Tennis Manager 2022: how to become a star

Before Tennis Manager 2022, the developers of Rebound had proposed the previous edition on mobile platforms. Initially, the project was therefore born with demands that were not exactly very high, finding its own dimension without all the game features being as deep as you might expect from a management game.

The next step came when the developers realized that the IP actually had good potential and a wider audience to reach (find a selection of tennis games at the best recommended price on Amazon).

So this is what Tennis Manager 2022, after a long early access phase, has finally seen the light of day with the final version which, in fact, is open to many additional elements, capable of broadening the spectrum of decisions and management maneuvers. This is a journey that has just begun, and the development team is also aware of this and wants to give continuity to the series and make improvements and knowledge from year to year.

Today, Tennis Manager 2022 thus, it should be seen as a true first step towards that goal, which is why it’s not surprising that objective shortcomings (and a few too many naiveties) are so pervasive in almost every aspect of the game.

After choosing the nationality and appearance of our alter ego from a small circle of proposed avatars, Tennis Manager 2022 gives you the ability to choose which academy to run. This first decision actually affects the difficulty of the early stages, and for newbies the advice can only be to start from a structure that is already up and running, properly equipped and with not inconsiderable talents within it. We start with the Florida Tennis Academy, which along with the French Riviera Tennis Academy represents the best and has a high overall rating.

Doing this will give you the fullest gaming experience possible, but those who want a few more headaches can take on a lower-tier academy, with all that that implies in terms of climbing the ranks and financial sustainability.

In any case, the most renowned academies have within them perspective talents and already established players. In our case we already had Sebastian Korda, spearhead and player with whom we actually took our first steps in the circuit tournaments.

In this sense, starting immediately with 250 tournaments without having previously made all the less beaten pitches, skipping even the Challenger tournaments to achieve the fateful position among the top 100 and thus have the right to play it in the big tournaments.

After a first phase that works more or less like a tutorial, with all the menus and functions that you have to familiarize yourself with quickly without forcing anything tangible, in our case we already had a player well positioned in the ranking who faced a 250 e he immediately entered. in the main draw of a Grand Slam like the Australian Open.

this exit in half beef de facto deactivates all the beauty of the results obtained with difficulty and for sporting meritsbut we also understand that it is a useful option to not bore newbies or impatient players who want everything right away.

We immediately specify that Tennis Manager 2022 It has no licenses related to the ATP, or the WTA, or tournaments, or real players. The very few present are just next-gen like our Lorenzo Musetti or Holger Rune, plus a few other exceptions and welcome additions. Otherwise, you’ll have to quickly get used to accepting crippled but easily recognizable names like “Tsitsibas” or “Alcatraz.”

Instead, it is better than some official equipment related sponsors, with major brands that you will have to deal with even in the negotiation phase to snatch the best deals for your players.

Holger Rune is one of the few licensed players.

A race to improve

Tennis Manager 2022 it allows you to enter the heart of the management of everything that revolves around the academy and the players. In addition to being aware of income and expenses, the player must hire different useful figures to achieve the objectives set.

So this is what You’ll need to support your talents with thoughtful mind coaches, coaches, physical therapists, and even analysts who can make a difference. For example, a shoddy match analyst can give you summary information about your next opponent, forcing you to improvise some tactics even while the game is in progress.

Basically, if an opponent is very aggressive from the baseline, it will be necessary to take a proven approach, with parameters related to the serve, key points and responses that also need to be adjusted in relation to energy expenditure. If the game is going well and you have a few games to go or even a full set, Fatigue can be managed more intelligently, so as to avoid injuries and excessive tiredness that have repercussions in subsequent tournaments.

In addition, also during the matches some useful commands have been implemented to interact with the athlete, who can be encouraged or pushed to act according to his will, with a positive, neutral or open contrast reaction.

In Tennis Manager 2022 It’s also possible to enter the locker room before a match to say the right sentence at the right time, which can actually change the focus of a match, with a motivational boost or increased mistrust. Parameters about player physical and mental health are clearly critical, and building a remarkable team around athletes is often a trump card that should never be taken lightly.

However, we have noticed too much randomness and in this sense, the game still needs some updates to increase its degree of credibility. Equally, the overall progression and many aspects of the match simulation absolutely need to be improved.

Speaking of 3D match simulations, we must grudgingly say that this is the weakest aspect of the game, and that just watching those matches hurts your heart and eyes. The technical sector, the animations, the hit points and the general cosmetics are missing to say the least. In recent years, we have rarely seen something so poorly done and unbelievable, even at an amateur level. As you switch camera views and check match stats, you’ll see ugliness like balls magnetizing to rackets defying all laws of physics, rough moves, and shots that are best covered with a merciful veil.

Tennis Manager 2022 It still has a long way to go to be able to break into the market and gather a large group of loyal fans. Although the comparison with the football equivalent has nothing to do with it, it should be noted that certain results are still light years away from those achieved by the sport most loved by Italians.

There was a first step in the right direction, this certainly has to be admitted, but by no means can we put forward an assessment that is currently just above sufficient. The structural shortcomings are too obvious and cannot satisfy the most demanding, who after years without anything cosmic in the tennis field have more than one reason to want to have a title worthy of this wonderful sport in their hands.

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