Tennis, Masters 1000 Madrid: Alcaraz also beats Djokovic after 3 and a half hours, it is the final

Fear, this unknown. Who was still waiting for some more test to crown Carlos Alcaraz as absolute star of the present -but above all of the future- of tennis, he was satisfied. After Rafael Nadal, also Novak Djokovic. One after the other. On earth, no one had succeeded.

This boy with seemingly unlimited talent, with a very cool head and iron attributes made it. And he did it after 3 hours and 35 minutes of battle, rallying World No. 1 Djokovic with an all-out performance. Alcaraz convinced from all points of view, demonstrating -against the strongest- that he already knows how to do everything. Direct about everything. But also backhand and serve. Foot speed, very high. and inspiration Yes, because behind the 6-7 7-5 7-6 with which Alcaraz climbed back to No. 1 in the world there are also countless short balls, a ‘sensible’ solution that the Balearic has shown to have a fairy about. hand. . In short, for a boy who has turned 19 for 2 days, the global background of the tennis player is something impressive.

ATP, Madrid

Nadal on Alcaraz: “It’s a transfer, I accept the verdict”


Madrid, of course, has given him his due. Helping Alcaraz throughout the afternoon to the rhythm of “yes, if you can.” An emblematic choir also for the description of the match. From the beginning, in fact, Alcaraz had shown that he could play an even game. The opening break in fact had immediately set off Djokovic’s alarm, capable from that moment and throughout the first set of bringing out a dominant performance on serve, a real key to rolling the first set. After immediately going down, in fact, Nole conceded a total of 2 points in his batting rounds from there until the close 7-5 tie-break that gave him the first set.. A heavy blow to the ambitions of many. Probably almost everyone. But not by Carlos Alcaraz.

The little boy reacted with the attitude of the phenomenon, starting again, from the beginning of the second set, to respond better and play their own tennis. A point-to-point battle of the highest tennis quality did not come from there. A fight without quarter with straight accelerations from Alcaraz and good responses from Djokovic, short balls from the Spaniard and skillful transitions from the Serbian. A tight, balanced and beautiful match; prolonged by a splendid twelfth game by Alcaraz in the second set and carried, even so, to the tie-break of the third set. It was in the final match, however, where the Spaniard, if possible, impressed even more. When the points become even heavier, when the pressure of having to play with a legend like Djokovic, especially in these situations, the 19-year-old Murcian had all on his shoulders. Even when Nole, at 4-5 and serving, nullified Alcaraz’s first match point with a relentless ace. That’s where Alcaraz’s main quality came out, that he played those points exactly like he faced everyone else: without any fear.

Alcaraz thus prevailed with enormous merit in the decisive tie-break, closing, this time himself, by 7 points to 5. And giving himself the second 1000 final of the season of 4 Masters played so far. Already champion in Miami, Alcaraz is now waiting for one between Tsitsipas and Zverev. For another game that promises a show.

And Djokovic?

Well, Djokovic is back.. All the unknowns have also fallen here. The Serbian can still grow from the point of view of his physical condition – in the final on some short balls he was a bit speechless – and in his performance in response. But he certainly has got back on the main path that will take him to the first real target of 2022: Paris. Aware that, at Roland Garros, In addition to Nadal, he will have another Spaniard to watch. Perhaps, at this time, even more dangerous: carlito alcaraz. The new phenomenon of the world racket.

Nadal critic: “Alcaraz? Unstoppable, but that second set…”

ATP, Madrid

Nadal hands over the scepter to Alcaraz: relive the third act in 4′


ATP, Madrid

Alcaraz realizes that he has beaten Nadal: what a match point!


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