TENNIS, MONTE CARLO – Alcaraz, what a shot! Korda wins after three hours. Ruud advances with difficulty

The opening of the program at Campo Ranieri III is, to date, the match of the tournament, perhaps of the year. The two young talents expressed a high level of play, despite the adverse weather conditions and the low efficiency of the service. In the first set the American is surgical when it comes to taking advantage of every useful opportunity, 3 of 3 with break points, but the Spaniard drags him to the tiebreaker with his well-known fighting spirit; in this case, however, some unfortunate decisions, notably a straight cut completely out of context, hand the first set to the American.

Sebastian Korda, Monte Carlo 2022

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The change of course is expected and inevitable, however the Bradenton 2000 class continues to cling to the game and does not give an inch, among a thousand acrobatics and chases, supported by an excellent performance with the first serve (76% of points won in the second set). The Spaniard does not convert three set points in the tenth game, but in the tiebreak he is more enterprising and manages to lengthen the battle. The wind shuffles the cards on the table a lot, it is surprising to see the American very often near the net. At this point, the fate of the game hangs in the balance, the perspectives are constantly inverted: Alcaraz stretches the 2-0 and the inertia seems to have passed his own, but Korda regains confidence with the right hand and at one point goes up 3- two. . In the fateful seventh Korda game win three points in a row, one prettier than the other: “Djokovic” backhand passer on the run, another straight follower on the run at the end of an endless exchange, and finally plays serve and volley boldly. In the eighth game comes the break, Korda hesitates again at closing time but manages to recover from 0-30 and close one of the best victories of his career. To make a difference, once again, some masterful and brave drops to the net. On the eve of Monte Carlo we were already looking forward to the quarterfinals between Djokovic and Alcaraz, and instead they both came out in their debut, leaving a lot of confusion at the top. The American will now face the winner between Fritz and Cilic

ATP, Rome

Nadal: “Alcaraz? It’s like a new car, you don’t look at the old one anymore…”


ruud b. Runes 7-6 7-5

Experience. All that was missing today to surprise the number 4 seed. From the beginning the danish class of 2003 he seemed much more focused on the ball, even though clay was the Norwegian’s natural habitat. He is the one who directs the operations, has two break points and gives the impression of having something more.. In the tiebreak, however, he disunited over the prettiest, from 5-3 a double fault and two free kicks gave the Norwegian the partial. In the second set it is difficult to find a common thread: an infinite sequence of breaks ends in the twelfth game, the final one, in which a somewhat bewildered Ruud puts an end to his suffering and that of poor Rune, prey to cramps in recent games . For him now is Dimitrov.

Roland Garros

Carlos Alcaraz, something more than an outsider: the objective is already Paris


ATP, Madrid

Alcaraz devastating: humiliates Zverev in the final, is champion in Madrid

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