Tennis, no Wimbledon for Russians and Belarusians. Moscow: “Unacceptable”

The organizing committee of the tournament has formalized the decision, which excludes the number 2 of the men’s ranking Medvedev

Not a thing Wimbledon for Russian and Belarusian tennis players. Following rumors in the British press, it was the tournament’s organizing committee, the All England Club, that formalized the decision, made in agreement with the British government after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Therefore, the third Slam of the season, which begins at the end of June, will not see the participation of four players in the top 30 Atp, starting with number two, daniil medvedev, and five of the top 40 WTA, including the Belarusian sabalenka (n.4) and former n.1 Azarenka. The Kremlin’s reaction was immediate: “Unacceptable.” The ATP: “Unfair exclusion can create a dangerous precedent for tennis.”

“We join in the universal condemnation of Russia’s illegal actions and have carefully considered the situation with regard to our obligations to the players, our community and the entire British public. read a note from the All England Club – We have also considered UK government guidelines specifically in relation to sporting events and organisations. It is our responsibility to play our part in the efforts of government, industry, sports and entertainment organizations to limit Russia’s global influence by the strongest possible means.” Thus, in the face of “unjustified and unprecedented military aggression , it would be unacceptable for the Russian regime to benefit from the participation of Russian and Belarusian players in the Championships. So, with regret, we communicate our intention to deny entry to Russian and Belarusian tennis players for the 2022 edition. “In any case, the organizers specify that” if circumstances change between now and June “also the exclusion of tennis players Russians and Belarusians could be checked.

After the outbreak of the war, in mid-February, the world Federtennis prohibited the participation of national representatives in team tournaments, but allowed the participation of individual tennis players in international events, as long as not under the flag of their country of origin.

“Since Russia is a mighty heavyweight in tennis and our players are at the top of the world rankings, the tournament itself could be damaged if their participation is banned.” The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a statement, reported by the Russian agency Tass, about Wimbledon’s decision to exclude Russian and Belarusian tennis players from this year’s edition. “We reiterate that it is inadmissible to keep athletes hostage to various political convictions, political intrigues and hostile behavior towards our country. We can only regret this,” adds Peskov, wishing “our tennis players that, whatever happens, they will remain”. fit in and maintain its leading status in world tennis.

An “unfair” choice that “can set a damaging precedent for tennis.” This is how the ATP comments on the “unilateral decision” made by the organizers of Wimbledon and the British Federtennis to exclude players from Russia and Belarus from the tournament, which could lead to sanctions. “Discrimination based on nationality is also a violation of the agreement with Wimbledon under which the admission of players is based solely on ATP ranking. Any course of action in response to this decision, the note reads again, will now be collaboratively evaluated. . with our board and with the council of partners”. The ATP, while “strongly condemning Russia’s reprehensible invasion of Ukraine”, has guaranteed that Russian and Belarusian players “will continue to be able to compete in ATP events under a neutral flag”.

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