Tennis, Novak Djokovic: “Alcaraz’s victory is not in dispute, but what happened to Zverev in Madrid is unfair”

The International Italy 2022 kicked off, but what happened in Madrid (Spain) still fuels discussions and considerations. The extraordinary victory of the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz placed the disciple of Juan Carlos Ferrero on a true pedestal, increasingly convincing at extraordinary levels and surprising for the way in which he manages to express so much fullness despite his young age.

In a great week for him, Carlitos was able to beat three of the four best players in the world: Rafael Nadalhis great idol Novak Djokovic Y Alexander Zverev. The final act against Sascha was similar to a monologue, because of the great qualities of the Iberian, but also because of how the German appeared at the starting line of the final act.

Carlos Alcaraz

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ATP, Madrid

Alcaraz: “I think I’m ready to win a Grand Slam”


In fact, the Teuton had to pay the price of a not so adequate programming, considering that his semifinal against Stefanos Tsitsipas, which started late due to the extension of the previous matches, ended after one in the morning. A very awkward moment that did not allow Zverev to fully recover his energies.

The statements of #3 ATP after the lost Final are not surprising and, days later, Djokovic also had his opinion. Nole, who got off to a good start at the Foro Italico by beating Aslan Karatsev, supported the arguments of the German.

I didn’t see Zverev, but I talked to him and he told me something. However, I agree with him, you can’t finish a match at 1 or 2:30 in the morning and go to sleep at 4 or 5, plus you have to play the final the next day. Among other things, he did it two or three nights in a row and it’s not the right time, also because the next day all this affects. So this does not mean that Alcaraz did not deserve to win, but rather that there would have been a different situation on the field from the energy point of view. However, this is a broader conversation, which includes the different tournaments. There are also two sessions here: I understand the needs of tournaments, with the need to sell more tickets. The two sessions are certainly more attractive to TVs, but this creates problems, especially as you progress through the tournament. We players want to talk more about these things and above all to do it with time, before arriving at the tournament, when nothing can be changed. You can talk now for next year, for example. There is the council, the place where players can talk to the ATP. I was its president for ten years, but unfortunately not much can be changed. In the end, I understand the players who complain about these things in front of the press and journalists because they don’t know how to change certain dynamics.“, The words in the press conference of the Serbian (source: Ubitennis).

The ATP, therefore, called attention to prevent episodes of this type from affecting the development of matches.

Nadal: “Alcaraz? It’s like a new car, you don’t look at the old one anymore…”

ATP, Madrid

Alcaraz devastating: humiliates Zverev in the final, is champion in Madrid

08/05/2022 at 15:37

ATP, Madrid

Alcaraz: “I think I’m ready to play with the best”

08/05/2022 at 10:55

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