The 2 teams the Lakers want to see fail at all costs

This season, the Lakers have had a series of misfortunes, with injuries and repeated losses, leading to a non-participation in the playoffs. And obviously, they would like to see two other teams fail, so they can draw from these prestigious squads.

For several weeks now and the official elimination from the play-in race, everyone has been wondering what the Lakers intend to do this offseason to raise the bar and not relive such a fiasco in the near future. There will be movement, it is a certainty, now it remains to be seen in what proportions. How many players will continue to wear the purple and gold jersey in the future?

According to the first information from Los Angeles, the turnover in the squad could be much lower than expected and longed for by the fans. For example, it is said that Russell Westbrook could get another chance to lead, since Frank Vogel would not have put him in the best mood this year. Equally, a more than disappointing recruit intends to continue the adventure in California.

The Lakers want to steal the coaches from the Jazz and the Sixers!

But in any case, we will have to wait for the arrival of a new coach to make the big decisions, since he will have to determine the players on whom he intends to build his project. And obviously, if the Lakers take their time to decide, it is mainly because they are waiting to see their rivals fall. This was revealed by Marc Stein in his latest article.

Former Blazers coach Terry Stotts, Raptors assistant coach Adrian Griffin, Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham and Mark Jackson are the four candidates who have interviewed with the Lakers for the bench vacancy. But sources confirm to me that the process is intentionally slow, as executives want to see if Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers meet on the market this summer.

If Rob Pelinka and the other leaders hold interviews to find their next coach, it appears that the most coveted candidates are still in place, inevitably slowing down the process. The Lakers would target Quin Snyder, who coaches Rudy Gobert and his teammates on the Jazz, and Doc Rivers, who he is in Philadelphia.

And if the first can be released in the coming weeks, since Utah could well implode after this new early elimination in the playoffs, the second is still in the running and could achieve the feat of eliminating the Heat. If he and his men succeed, he probably won’t be available to the Lakers unless he expresses a desire to go there. But Doc Rivers is certainly fine with Joel Embiid under him.

The Lakers could hurry and pick a coach to start preparing for next season, but obviously Rob Pelinka and the other execs would love to be able to steal the coach from the Jazz or the Sixers. They must be expecting Philly to come out soon…

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