The 5 viral letters written yesterday by Draymond Green on his sneakers

Hero of Game 4 between the Warriors and Grizzlies with a decisive counter in the final moments, Draymond Green also stood out in another way. A touching inscription on his shoe initially caught the attention of fans.

In his trademark fashion, he’ll have weighed XXL into the encounter, without necessarily blacking out the stat sheet. Dramond Green he again played a key role in the Warriors’ win on Monday against the Grizzlies. In an ultra-tense end of the game, and with only one possession ahead with less than 10 seconds to go, it was he who again signed a decisive action.

After making a key interception on Nikola Jokic in the first round of the playoffs, the big star stood out this time on the fast break, with a crucial block to stop Jaren Jackson Jr.’s 3-point attempt followed by several free throws to his teammates. who knew how to quietly secure victory (98-101). Therefore, Dray had a lot to be proud of, especially given the particular context in which he approached this role.

In mourning, Draymond pays tribute to Adreian Payne

A few hours before intermission, Green had the misfortune to learn of the death of Adreian Payne, a former NBA player with whom he shared Michigan State colors for two years. Shot to death, the latter caused many reactions of anguish among the stars of the league, including Draymond’s on Twitter. The Golden State interior went even further, writing a condolence message on their shoes.

Obviously still shaken by this news late in the game, Dray didn’t linger at a press conference, but did spill out about the disappearance of his former Spartans racket partner. The opportunity for him to reveal the splendid gesture he is about to perform, and to launch a call for unity among the former members of the famous university:

I’ll go home and talk about Adreian on my podcast, because I can pause if I ever need to cry. On top of that, Hazel (his wife of his, editor’s note) and I are donating $100,000 to a charity in Adreian’s name. I call my Spartan family, Coach Izzo, Magic (Johnson), Jaren Jackson Jr., Miles Bridges; This whole family has to come together and do something for Adreian. Whether it’s naming something on campus after him, creating a scholarship for Dayton teens, whatever.

Accompanied by Adreian Payne during Game 4 between the Warriors and Grizzlies thanks to his shoes, Draymond Green does not intend to stay there in his tribute. A commendable approach, as well as his performance in these conditions.

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