The analysis of the exchanges of the last days in the NFL – USA

Here we are, gentlemen.
No, the next “official” kick-off is still several months away – preseason doesn’t count, although, as our late comrades teach us, the word “official” can no longer boast a precise meaning – but, In a world of abstinence and pain, the naive excitement that precedes the opening of free agency is the closest thing to the unattainable serenity of early September when you go to sleep knowing that for a half dozen months our existence will be scarred. by the National Football League.
I still don’t know how I’ll organize myself, for now the only thing I’m sure of is that you won’t read “Eligible” anymore because I’m a little tired of the title, I think I’ll opt for something more incisive, like “2022 free agency week x summary “: the idea would be to confirm Thursday as the publication day and, in case of particularly important issues, sprinkle the week with well-placed articles ad hoc dictated by contingency.

In the 52 hours of legal manipulation – that is the moment in which the front office will be recognized the right to flirt with the players – which will precede the official opening of free agency will result in numerous signatures – which will be formalized on Wednesday – and, consequently, it is quite appropriate to say that the doors open today, Monday March 14th.
Before I could focus on free agency, though, I had to stoop to the indomitable urge to tell you about the trades that have fueled the past few days because I absolutely wanted to tell you about my, and yours, trades that brought Carson. Wentz to the Washington Commanders, Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers and Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns – the chances of other trades being successful between the last line of this article and its actual publication are not insignificant and, never mind, in this case We’ll talk about it again in a few days, presumably on Thursday.

Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders

washington receives: Carson Wentz, a 2022 second-round pick and a 2022 seventh-round pick.

Indianapolis receives: a 2022 second-round pick, a 2022 third-round pick, a 2023 third-round pick (which will become a second-round pick if Wentz plays at least 70% of the snaps in the next league).

Many people have been – and continue to be – outraged by name changes infesting various social networks with delusional keyboard solos about the aesthetics of words and, sadly, the implications such name changes have on freedom of thought. of homo sapiens. .: If I were you, dear Washington fans, I’d rather reserve the outrage of the holidays for the now increasingly comical incompetence of the front office, without the fact that the name Commanders is objectively sad.

In recent years, Washington has had to settle for scraps by entrusting its attack to free agents like Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick and, at the endCarson Wentz: Let’s be clear, Wentz is head and shoulders above the likes of Keenum and Fitzpatrick, but I can’t tell you if one of the most dysfunctional clubs in the entire world of sports is the place to rehab, even before quarterback . , a human being in evident difficulty.
Fortunately, even mentor Frank Reich’s excellent Indianapolis Colts failed to get the career back on track for a player who, at this point, will probably never come close to MVP like he did in 2017.

Statistically speaking, Wentz’s adventure with the Colts was a mixed success, the number of turnovers has decreased markedly, the percentage of sticks has increased and, in general, he has undoubtedly played better than the last two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, but in the most delicate moment of the season -the last two games- he melted completely capitulating before the good Raiders and the bad Jaguars ending tragicomicly by missing the playoffs: when Indianapolis really needed him Wentz threw himself on the ground in fetal position poking himself in the mouth with the thumb of his right hand, not exactly franchise quarterback behavior.

I have no reason to anticipate a resurrection on a team objectively less talented than the Colts, and it is very sad that a franchise desperately seeking direction has had to settle for any Carson Wentz in what should be year zero of a cultural revolution whose end goal is to stop being the laughingstock of the National Football League.
I don’t rule out that they’ve taken him solely as a bridge to allow a drafted quarterback to enjoy a precious year of learning on the bench, but for now if not based on Ron Rivera’s human skills. He struggles to predict who knows what hits, though I sincerely hope that one day Carson Wentz can once again be one of the funniest quarterbacks in the NFL, just like his 2017 version.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: It’s true that Indianapolis won’t have to pay his salary, but these bastards are again, despite themselves, desperately looking for a quarterback.
The eternal return…

Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers

los angeles gets: Khalil Mack.

chicago receives: One 2022 second-round pick and one 2023 sixth-round pick.

This is a craft I love and understand – dear readers, is there anything more exciting than knowing you understand the thought processes of an NFL General Manager?
We start from Chicago.

The Chicago Bears, like it or not, are far from being able to compete with what could be a franchise quarterback. below center at Justin Fields, your priority should be to put him in the best possible position to succeed in order to have an accurate idea of ​​his absolute value: attention, in this case success does not translate in number of games won, but in tangible improvements in comparison with what was seen in 2021.

Chicago’s front line was disastrous and surviving in the NFL behind that abomination is next to impossible, so I fully understand new GM Poles’ choice to decongest some cap space in hopes of being able to sign a couple of capable veterans to guarantee Fields adequate protection. : Mack is 31 years old and absolutely does not deserve to waste the last few years of his life. major in a team in total reconstruction.
They may have received less than he thought, Mack is still one of the best defenders in the NFL, but the foot injury that cost him much of last season has undoubtedly lowered his market value: the important thing, in all cases, was to get rid of his contract and from this point of view mission accomplished.

On the other hand, Los Angeles has in its hands a true champion who, together with Joey Bosa, will give life to the one that has no reason not to become the best duo of pass-rushers in the league, although cataloging Mack as a simple “pass-rusher” . “At the risk of being blasphemous: Mack is a true point guard, an entity capable of splitting the game in two at will: we collectively go beyond the total number of ‘human’ catches put together during his time in Illinois.”

The Chargers have thrown away a comfortable playoff qualifier due to the pathological softness of a front seven utterly incapable of resisting opposing run games, so getting your hands on a weapon of mass destruction like Khalil Mack makes sense. , even if the restoration of the defensive line cannot be considered complete yet.

Aware of the importance of making the most of that phenom Justin Herbert’s rookie contract, GM Tom Telesco opted for a calculated and motivated aggression that led him, in effect, to deprive himself of a single second-round pick and a pick on the third day of the draft, an expendable bargaining chip without losing sleep at night.
Consider the unknown over Mack’s health, but if he stayed healthy, Los Angeles could say he did a lot, a deal that’s in some sense necessary in a division like this: beating Mahomes, Wilson and Carr. You need to put as much pressure on them as possible.

Amari Cooper at the Cleveland Browns

cleveland receives: Amari Cooper and a 2022 sixth-round pick.

dallas receives: A fifth-round pick in 2022 and a sixth-round pick in 2022.

This, on the other hand, can be seen as a somewhat predictable move: For weeks, in fact, there has been increasing talk of an imminent release of Amari Cooper by the Dallas Cowboys.
Dallas, on the other hand, has remedied a fifth-round pick in the upcoming draft by sacrificing a player who has been instrumental in Dak Prescott’s career since his 2018 hire completely revolutionized the Dallas Cowboys’ offense up to that point. of a not especially bright season. .

Dallas had to free up precious cap space, my only perplexity is that they – for the moment – seem totally comfortable giving almost twenty million to Zeke Elliott instead of giving it to a receiver who, although inconsistent at times, has always sealed the card. What go boy by Dak Prescott.
Cooper’s contract, let’s face it, has never been among the “best” in the league since the front office, a couple of years ago, was forced to pay him more than he was worth primarily because of the sheer importance of wide receivers. quality. in this historical moment: in 2021 Cooper was the highest paid receiver in the league and, for now, by 2022 he is in sixth place in the same ranking.
Is Cooper one of the top five receivers in the NFL? The answer is up to you.

Cleveland, meanwhile, has secured an excellent route runner capable of consistently getting off the marker by exploiting an above-average technique that, in an attack desperately in need of quality hands, immediately amounts to WR1: Odell’s experience. Beckham in Ohio seems to want to suggest that such responsibility in this system of play won’t automatically translate into a dozen weekly goals, but I think it’s best for all parties involved to exploit their talent as much as possible.

The risk to the Browns is minimal since Cooper’s contract provides no “guaranteed” money for 2023, so in the event of a marital bankruptcy Cleveland would lose absolutely nothing by showing him the door, but the fact that Cooper’s addition could involve the departure of Jarvis Landry brings us face to face with a sad truth: this receiving corps still needs a lot of work and presumably the front office will spend a very high pick in the draft to further help a Baker Mayfield who arrived in the year of the truth.

The Cowboys have gotten weaker, the Browns have gotten stronger and the Texans’ payback isn’t impressive at all, but since it almost certainly would have been cut I don’t think they have much to complain about.
Sacrificing a one-year, fifth-round pick of Amari Cooper is totally acceptable, so ultimately I think regardless of all this painful sacrifice by the Cowboys, it was a deal for the Browns.

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