“The best player in the League? Me in two months »

It’s best to be confident when you’re first stepping into the league, but a rookie-to-be has decided to set the bar high from the start, in fact, he thinks he can be the big boss the night he gets picked! Here’s one that will be targeted by their opponents in 2022-23.

Voila, the NBA knows the lottery order of the next draft, that is, the Top 15. The franchises now have two months to prepare to draw among the contingent of NCAA players, and the eyes will be especially riveted on the leading trio. : Orlando, Oklahoma City and Houston. Some nuggets seem to stand out from the competition, such as Jabari Smith and Paolo Banchero, the latter openly announcing that he was a merger between LeBron, Giannis and Jayson Tatum. That’s all !

The most intriguing prospect, however, is probably Chet Holmgren. A 2m13 pivot for less than 90 kilos, the player trained in Gonzaga is aiming to become a future great for the orange ball. Even Kevin Durant dubbed him a while back. ! A rival of France’s Victor Wembanyama in FIBA’s junior competition, the boy is sure of his strengths, as he demonstrated on the sidelines of the Combine. When asked about the elite of the league, he actually released a strong statement:

Nugget Chet Holmgren ultra-confident before the draft

D/R : Who is the best player in the league?
Holmgren : Me, in two months.

Well, here is one who is not lacking in confidence in his abilities. However, the boy did not stop there in promoting himself to the media, as he made similar comments on the set of the show. nba today. During this, he particularly praised his technical qualities and the fact that he had everything from the modern interior:

I still need to improve my shooting, but I feel like I’m a great shooter right now on all sides of the field, but at the end of the day, I feel like I still have to step up and move forward. to another level. I think I can be a member of the 50-40-90 club (shooting, 3-point and free throw percentages, editor’s note) eventually, that’s where I’m at.

In fact, the man is advertised as the new Rudy Gobert with a reliable triple, that is to say the crazy potential that it presents. However, wherever he lands, he will have a great challenge to overcome: gaining muscle mass while maintaining his qualities on the field. At the moment, the footage shows that he’s probably too skinny to survive against the snowshoe juggernauts. If he can remedy it, however, it would become a monumental headache for his opponents.

Chet Holmgren’s confidence is skyrocketing, weeks away from being drafted. There is little chance that he can become the boss of the league. in such a short time, but in any case a bright future is promised.

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