the expectations of Club La Meridiana

Club La Meridiana presents itself with great expectations to the national tennis championship of the men’s B2 series that will begin on Sunday, May 15 at 10 am Marittima as number 1 seed of the ITF Senior Grade 700 Tournament), faces the new season with a mixture of experience and youth, with the presence in the team of high-level athletes. In particular, the formation of Formigine will be able to count on the Turin Edoardo Eremin (position 2.3), already number 292 in the ATP world championship in 2016 and currently 826, and Filip Bergevi (position 2.3), Swedish, already in the round of his Davis Cup selection, currently ranked 739th in the ATP ranking where in 2019 he had reached 568th position (he is currently the 330th relatively double).

In addition to these and Arginelli, there will also be eighteen-year-old Luca Parenti (ranking 2.5), teacher Filippo Leonardi (ranking 2.5), Federico Ottolini (ranking 2.6) and four youngsters from the nursery: Giorgio Malagoli (ranking 2.8), the up-and-coming fifteen-year-old Mattia Di Bari (ranking 3.1), Davide Iaccheri (ranking 4.3) and Matteo Culcasi (ranking 3.4). This Sunday’s debut will be at home against Massalombarda. In the third round, from which the first two will enter the national stage, there are seven teams: to those already mentioned we must add San Giovanni in Persiceto, Faenza, Tennis Modena, Coach Bologna and Circolo del Castellazzo Parma.

It is played without return, therefore with three games at home and as many away, by federal draw. The last two go down to C while the fifth in the group will have to face the play-outs. The calendar includes the away match in Faenza on May 22, the match in San Giovanni in Persiceto on May 29, then again at home with the Bologna coach (June 2), the away derby against Tennis Modena (June 12) ending in Casinalbo on June 19 against Castellazzo. It is always played at 10 am.

Presenting the competition is Alessandro Arginelli: “We have a very competitive team in our opinion. The starting goal that we set ourselves is to stay in the category, with the hope of reaching the play-offs. Players like Eremin, who has reached important quotas in the international ranking, or Filip Bergevi, who is winning many Futures tournaments, especially in doubles, will be a great support for the base group. On paper we are facing a San Giovanni in Persiceto in top form, favorites to win the group, but we are capable of playing with everyone”.

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