The great rake that the Lakers eat in the market!

The Lakers have been canvassing the market for weeks looking for a replacement for Frank Vogel, who has been fired for some time. The front office is in no rush to find the right person, even if the franchise faces some negatives. You have to believe that the position of the Angelenos does not make everyone dream either, and that is understandable.

Before even thinking about flipping the market with a big trade, if that’s even possible, the Lakers absolutely need to figure out this coaching story. The franchise has been researching candidates for a month, hoping to find the right person to replace Frank Vogel. At least we know a little more about the progress, since three candidates stand out today.

Big wind for the Lakers in their quest!

Are they really the favorites of Angelenos? Not necessarily, since the team had to suffer at least one major refusal. A few weeks ago, we learned of an interest in Juwan Howard, who now coaches for Michigan. Only problem? He is not interested, to the point that he simply turned down an interview opportunity with Purple and Gold. At least that is clear.

Juwan Howard recently turned down an opening with the Lakers for the coaching job. Howard trains his two sons, Jace and Jett, in Ann Arbor.

Yes, we can understand Howard, who will be able to coach both of his sons next season. Family comes first for Juwan, who just isn’t interested in the LA job. It should also be noted that the latter does not make everyone dream, since it is accompanied by a lot of pressure, with the obligation to monopolize everything in one year. Not to mention the Russell Westbrook problem, which isn’t necessarily easy to deal with.

If LeBron James has to respect this denial, we imagine he’s disappointed. As Adrian Wojnarowski points out, Howard knows the King well, as does Rob Pelinka:

Howard played in Michigan with Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and in Miami with LeBron. The Celtics had an interest in Howard a year ago before going to Ime Udoka.

Juwan Howard won’t be the Lakers’ next coach, blamed mostly on his desire to stay in Michigan. Too bad for Angelenos, who will focus on the rest of the market. Whatever happens, we should soon find out who will succeed Frank Vogel.

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