The great stop of the son of Michael Jordan to LeBron James!

While LeBron James has further solidified his resume with the most impressive season ever for a player his age, the infamous GOAT debate continues online. But for Marcus Jordan, the King isn’t really a threat to his father. Not right away, at least…

With his title in the bubble in 2020, the 4th coronation of his career in 3 different teams, LeBron James has taken a serious step in the famous race for Michael Jordan. The King does not hide from “chasing a ghost that has 23”, and the competitor in him wishes, one day, to be considered the best player in the history of basketball. For now, most fans remain loyal to his Majesty, or so the latest polls indicate.

The fact is that LeBron has built one of the most dizzying resumes of all time, so much so that he is already on the throne for a not inconsiderable part of the younger generation. An opinion that, as you can imagine, Marcus Jordan frankly does not share…

For Marcus Jordan, the second behind MJ is not LeBron

The eldest son of His Airness, the one who played college at UCF as one Tacko Fall, had been asked for his opinion on his father’s pursuer on a podcast some time ago. And according to him, the number 2 is not LeBron James, but a certain Hakeem Olajuwon. Here is the explanation from him below:

Until LeBron’s career is over, I can’t wear it. For me, number 2 (behind Jordan, editor’s note) is Hakeem. I think of the guys who really changed the game. It’s hard to take someone from the current era and put them in the 1990s. If you didn’t play in that era, you don’t understand the magnitude of what was, day and night. evening. It was something.

For Marcus, one of the critical criteria for being in the conversation with his father, the six-time champion, is global influence on the game. It is true that Hakeem Olajuwon redefined what the greats were, particularly through his impressive technique. palette, just as Magic Johnson redefined the point guard. But on his scale, hasn’t LeBron also revolutionized basketball?

Athletic winger, capable of shooting in a circle like few others and endowed with an extraordinary basketball IQ that led him to play a facilitating role, the Chosen One has a unique profile in many aspects. Despite everything, Marcus Jordan does not want to do him the honor of placing him 2nd all-time. Not before the end of his career, in any case…

It will be interesting to hear Marcus Jordan’s opinion once LeBron James hangs up his shoes for good in a few years. One thing is certain: it will be easy to accuse MJ’s offspring of subjectivity!

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