The huge call from the foot of a LeBron rival to join the Lakers!

The Lakers have been particularly disappointing this season, and yet they still get the attention of many of the league’s stars… While on ESPN, a big name and rival to LeBron James, he didn’t hesitate to hit the Purple and Gold!

The Lakers have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to be at the top again next season… It has to be said Lebron James He is already 37 years old, and although he may be an extraordinary athlete, he may take care of his body, he will not be able to go on forever. He only has a few seasons left to get a new ring and get closer to Michael Jordanwhich obviously adds additional pressure to the leaders.

The problem is that after such a complicated year, with sporting performances that were quite painful at certain points, and particularly defensively, several possible targets could decide to bet on the other hand, on much more coherent teams prepared for the highest level. Then it will also be difficult to establish exchanges, especially with the large contracts of russell westbrook and Talen Horton-Tucker.

Patrick Beverley hits the Lakers!

Fortunately for them, the Lakers should be able to rely on two elements to rebuild quickly: The franchise is perhaps the most prestigious in the league, and every player dreams of evolving with LeBron. Also, passing through ESPN this Thursday, Patrick Beverley made a huge stand-up call to the Purple and Gold and the King. He may love the Clippers, the leader would see himself switching sides.

Patrick Beverley on the superstar he’d like to play with: “Bron, chill. »

Patrick Beverley could have spent 4 exceptional seasons with the Clippers, where he really exploded, obviously he could be tempted by the Lakers if they offered him the chance to evolve with LeBron James… The question shouldn’t come what may, since he has just expanded with the Timberwolves, a franchise that has managed to get back on track. And then, he likes to provoke the King too much to join him.

Patrick Beverley could solve a lot of problems for the Lakers, especially on defense. Where Russell Westbrook gets overwhelmed too often, he defends himself and tricks his opponents with racy swear words.

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