“The idea is to replicate key events in the suburbs”

International Tennis, Sport and Health DG Nepi Molineris: “The idea is to replicate key events in the suburbs.” Ready to break audience records with the return of the great public to the stands, Rome is once again at the center of the world. A success that can inspire us to implement a system of ‘multiplication’ of sports venues in cities following the trail of major sporting events.

Diego Nepi Molineris, General Director of Sports and Health (sportesalute.eu Credits), is inspired by the success of the Internazionali d’Italia di tennis, the key event in the capital, to design the ideal relationship between the Event and physical practice in the suburbs.

“The idea of ​​the public company that deals with the development of sport in Italy is to apply the spin off, an ‘economic’ concept that indicates how a branch of the company can become a company in turn, to the creation of sports facilities in Across the country. To give Sport & Salute a descriptive physiognomy, we imagine it as a kind of solar system of Italian sport – the reflection of the CEO of Ansa -. There is a central planet that produces energy and a system of smaller planets in constant evolution that, thanks to a multiplication mechanism, gives life to other planets».

The system is conceived as a horizontal and democratic economic support, capable of producing resources with large events to be reinvested in the territory, from the center to the periphery, for a replication of places for sports practice. “When I reflect on the fact that the company is a ‘planet’ producer of resources, I am not only referring to the traditional support and financing of elite and grassroots sports -continues Nepi Molineris- but to the creation of a true network, as extended as possible: let us imagine that the main planets are the main sporting events organized by ‘Sport e Salute’ in collaboration with the galaxy of Italian sport, that is, federations, sports promotion bodies and associated disciplines, from the international ones to Piazza di Siena going through the beach, taekwondo, skateboard, paddle tennis and all the others. Here, these ‘planets’ are capable of generate resources that will later be reused in the neighborhoods of our cities, creating that network of sports realities in the area“.

Faced with the traditional concept of mutual support, Nepi Molineris identifies a substantial difference in the ‘spin off’ model: “Like the tall trees that surround the Forum, a set of replicated units, the branches, which together make up the architecture general of the ‘tree: a branch of that tree is able to generate another plant, and there will be two trees.Here, this is our mission: generate resources with great events and use them in the cities replicating as far as possible the tree and its foliage, the sports venues, expanding it towards the suburbs. In short, it is a self-generation model both in terms of plant engineering and in terms of employment. Making sport capable of producing another sport through the principle of multiplication is the dream and goal of each one of us.”

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